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Seniors Championship - March 8 Report

2009 Senior Contest – Seminole Lake Gliderport, Clermont Florida

Report for March 8


It’s the 19th annual Senior Contest in Florida, and it appears to be well timed. Not only has it offered many frustrated glider pilots a welcome chance to escape from an unusually cold northern winter, but it also appears to have been scheduled to match the best weather of the year thus far, which is also some of the best ever seen during this contest.


The past few days have offered scattered cumulus clouds with bases approaching 6000’ and best lift above 6 knots.  Practice flights of up to 600km (without waterballast) have been seen, and no one who has been here more than a few days can complain about being rusty.


Today again saw sparse cumulus clouds not quite as high, but being fed by some excellent thermals.  The entire fleet made it around the 187-mi (nominal) turn-area task, with raw speeds approaching 70 mph.  Much work remains to verify all handicaps and to work out a couple of scoring glitches, but it appears that Karl Striedieck won the day in his Duo Discus, with Tom Kelley second in his ASG-29.


The current forecast calls for a rather boring repetition of the same strong thermal conditions through the end of the week.


John Good

Posted: 3/8/2009


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