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Finish with a bang

Saturday opened with a tricky forecast. A short wave was projected to move through during the day. The expectation was moderate lift to about 5500 msl and a real possibility of the day being dead not long after 3:00.

Tasks were set at 2 hour TAT and launch was as early as possible. It was noted that it was hotter on the ground than expected.

Your writer was last to launch in 18M but was easily able to be at cloud base before the task opened 15 minutes later. The climb out was accompanied by a Bald Eagle for about a thousand feet. Good omen!

18's opened at 1:10 and nobody hung around. 15's went at 1:30 and had a harder time. Evan Ludeman(sniffer) had to relite. Timing was everything.

The day was very strong and little circling was required. Robin Clark took 18 with a speed right at 75 mph with UH and KM right behind. 15 seconds covered all 3.

UH got the win in  avery closely fought race.

In 15M Jake Alspaugh took the win after a land out the day before on the cancelled day. KS came 4th 25 points back and took the overall win.

Rookie of the year was Jarod Granzow flying in his first contest. He flew very steadily and absorbed all that was there to learn.

We had 4 new pilots and all reported a great time and will come back.

Thanks to a great club for a great week of flying, food, and fellowship.

A personal reflection; I came to New Castle 36 years ago and have not missed one since. My entry deposit for next year is in.

I have to thank Lanier and Thecla Frantz for the gift of a place where we can come every year and have a fabulous experience always. New Castle, with the hospitality, wonderful soaring, and beauty is the template that others, such as Perry and Mifflin have adopted with great success, is a place not to be missed.

See you at the airport.



Posted: 9/23/2019