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Insipid Day

Okay, this is my fourth day in a row of writing about nothing, and it's starting to take its toll.

There was never any doubt that the day would be called off, and I was very impressed that every competitor showed up at the morning Pilots Meeting to hear what they already knew.

The cold front is upon us.

A couple of pilots came to the meeting in their going-out-to-lunch outfits, rather than their flying togs. We tried to entertain them with a safety talk and the weather briefing. The latter met with more success, since it was all about tomorrow, not today.

The bottom line is that the new airmass will be here sometime tonight, and if all goes well, we’ll be in the orange air tomorrow.

Photo #15121 | Cold front


Posted: 5/12/2019


2019 15 Meter National

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