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Tenebrous Day

We lost another day today, but at least it was an obvious call. The sun-blocking stratus layer didn’t move into our area; it formed here. And it showed no signs of moving on. Nobody is wearing sunglasses.

Photo #15116 | May 10 Satellite

Down here, the first kilometer is still enticingly unstable - but it is somewhat moist. At the morning Pilots Meeting, we heard that the good news is that it wasn’t going to rain because there wouldn’t be any convection. The bad news is that there wouldn’t be any convection.

Jayne handed out grovel mats to the crews, and she and Franklin held a fund-raising auction for the benefit of the line crew. The items auctioned were… um… interesting. In each case the winning bidder earned the right to specify who in the room had to take the thing home. The “Bermuda High Reverse Auction” was well received and is likely to become a tradition.

We never made it to the task creation stage. The day was cancelled at the second Pilots Meeting, at 12:50.

Side note: a friend of mine (name withheld in confidence) sent me a surprising email. In it, he suggested that I use more descriptive titles for these reports. Is that all? Sure, no problem, consider it done. The reason that the email was surprising is that I thought it would be a request that I give someone a 251 point penalty, so that he would no longer be the record holder in that category.


Posted: 5/10/2019


2019 15 Meter National

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