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Day 2

Despite having spent the night with five beautiful models, Fernando was unable to get them to agree about anything this morning.

We knew that our good weather would continue under the influence of the eponymous Bermuda High, but that was all we knew for sure. Various versions of the forecast called for overdevelopment and rain late in the day, but they all disagreed about where the problem areas would be. The only thing that seemed certain was that there would be a small zone to our east that would stay dry for the whole day. So we wound up with a zigzaggy Turn Area Task that squeezed a 250 mile task into a 50 mile wide box.

We were able to get everybody in the air in time for a 13:25 Task opening, which surprised the CD enough to make him wish that we had chosen 4 hours instead of just 3:30 as the minimum time.

Dave Springford took to heart Fernando's warning about going too far east, and managed to collect 229 miles without getting more than 30 miles east of home, for the daily win.

Photo #15113 | F1 May08 2019



The next four pilots flew about the same distance. Second place went to Sean Murphy, and Francois Pin took third.

Tomorrow looks like another good racing day, and after that we're going to have to start taking the monstrous front to our west seriously.


Posted: 5/8/2019


2019 15 Meter National

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