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Day 1 report compiled by Leigh Zimmerman

Today was a difficult day, blue and many experienced some difficult conditions.  

FAI Class Billy Kerns who is also a task advisor reported weak, disorganized thermals-very few round ones.  He regrets he didn't ask for a shorter task; after he reported to the CD that task A was doable, he felt conditions looked less promising.  

I asked "what did you think of the call?" He felt the call was a good one, but probably 30 min. too long.

18M competitor, Doug Jacobs said the day was a struggle; really low, scratching around, no clouds; challenging, but character building.

"What did you think of the call?" Per DJ: "great call, got a nice 2.5 hr. task on a crappy day, a "manly task"

Open Class HW, Karin reporting that considering it was their 3rd flight for the season, today was a "loaded up training day."  Tough and she was wondering if they opens would get a contest day.  Per Ka, every thermal seem to "die" when they got ther except for 2 and then they found a 4-5 knot thermal to bring them home.

"What did you think of the call?"  Per Karin, "a good call, but I wish the Open class could have gotten away sooner."

Sports Class pilot, John Godfrey said that he "coulda walked it faster".  Everything went well for him until final glide and it was "100 ft. up, 75 ft. down, yada yada". 

"What did you think of the call?:  Good call, it didn't have to be shortened, but fine, per QT.

Leigh Zimmerman

Posted: 4/22/2019