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Wednesday still soaked

Lets back up to practice day Saturday; an obligatory task was called with the clear understanding no one in their right mind would attempt and certainly there would be no completions. Guess what - - Dan MacMonagle (EA) did and congratulations. Dan’s a relative newcomer with the good fortune of having Evan Ludeman as a mentor. Dan’s a real tiger … just like Evan. Good job both!

Known at Wednesday’s pilot meeting was the NCI saturation gauge was pegged; the pools of standing water on the runway left nothing to be questioned. Day canceled stated CD Richard Kellerman! Then followed the weather forecast predicting thunder storms Wednesday afternoon continuing into Thursday and maybe even Friday. Though not officially said, I afraid the Fat Lady is me, me, me, meing.

There is a picture on SSA Facebook of the R4S Frequent Flyers. Left to right: 2H Jim Frantz 20+ yrs, LX John Murray 34 yrs, X John Good 33 yrs, UH Hank Nixon 35 yrs, hosts Thecla & Lanier Frantz, SM John Seymour 30+ yrs, KS Karl Striedieck 46 yrs, W3 Tim Wells 33 yrs.  The numbers after their names represent the years they have competed R4S NCI; that’s over 231 cumulative years of flying R4S … impressive. For Lanier … that would be 58 years at NCI.

And as always, thanks to all the BRSS members whose hard work makes this event so special.
Respectfully, Marshall McClung.

Posted: 9/26/2018


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