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Region 4 South 0, Mother Nature way ahead so far.

Regarding hurricane Florence, our prayers and best wishes extend to those in the Carolinas who were devastated by flooding. With some locations receiving near 36” of rain, Eastern North Carolina is trashed and recovery will be a long, hard ordeal. Stay strong Tar Heels!
With amazing grace, R4S co-contest managers Sandra Danoff and Lorrie Smith pushed R4S forward one week. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out for some so entries downed from near 30 to around 20. If you had to withdraw, please know you will be missed. But also good news … welcome R4S first-timers Jeff Banks (N9), Roy Bourgeois (ROY), Glen Kelley (91), Tom Orsini (DW), and David Roberts (E)!
It’s the old usual story … you should have been here last week. A few showed up early and LX and 8H were hoping to get a tow on Thursday but no tow pilot was scheduled. A “help wanted” cry on the BRSS Facebook page saved the day; a Blue Ridge Soaring Society member and a R4S contestant volunteered but first he had to jet one of his partners and family to Tennessee. So get this … early Thursday morning he drove 30 minutes to New Castle International, hopped the Super Cub back to KROA, jetted his partners out to Tennessee and beat it back to KROA, hopped the Super Cub back to NCI arriving at 2:00 P.M. to make two tows before shutting the Super Cub down. LX enjoyed a 1:30 flight but 8H timed out after 15 minutes when the weather didn’t support a transition. At O beer thirty, the look on 8H’s face was priceless when we teased him about his 15-minute flight after all of Jim’s well-traveled efforts. Thanks Jim and Allison, you’re a good sport.
There were more flights Friday; weather changed late in the day and LX again enjoyed the best flight running Potts Mountain out to Mountain Lake and back NE into the Covington area. Saturday weather called for rain shutting the day off early so there were a few “hops”, but soaring was marginal; most took the day off. Hard rain arrived just after midnight Saturday and we have not seen the tops of the ridges since. Now Monday noon, it’s still raining on and off. Tuesday also looks busted so we’re hoping it will blow out by Wednesday and R4S can get started.
Stay tuned … more as the weather improves.
Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the BRSS members whose hard work makes this event so special.
Respectfully, Marshall McClung.Rain.


Posted: 9/22/2018


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