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Contest Subcommittee Chair up for election

The SSA Competition Rules sub committee is comprised of 4 elected volunteers and Contest Committee Chairman Ken Sorenson. Currently serving are Dave Mockler, Garrett Willat, Dave Cole, and Hank Nixon. All have been elected by the pilot community and are serving 4 year terms. One seat is elected each year. The seat held by Hank Nixon is up for election this year. The process for these elections is shown at


Pilots wishing to be considered election should contact their SSA regional director. Directors may nominate no more than one pilot from their region. Directors send nominations to Contest Committee Chair so that the final list of candidates is completed by July 15 th. This election is open from Mid September and is done electronically through the SSA web page, concurrent with the annual pilot poll. If you wish to be nominated to serve, or know someone you think would do a good job, please contact your director.

H Nixon

SSA Rules Subcommittee Chair

Posted: 6/21/2006

Contest Committee; Rules 

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