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15 Meter Nationals

Aug 3 Spratt Report Day 2

Hi race fans 8/3/05

Well, we thought we had another Uvalde day to look forward to but Mother Nature decided otherwise.

The morning was bright without a cloud anywhere and the temperatures did a steady climb toward the upper 90”s mark. The first sign that things were changing was the number of small Cu forming a little after 10 AM. By grid time they were thicker and many had mini towers on them. Another problem raised it ugly head in the form of a high thick cloud deck cover over the southern part of the task area.

The original task was a three hundred miler out to Hondo, then down south to Laredo with the third leg up to the northwest to Anacacho. As the launch went on all of us could see that the called task was going to be a washout as more and more over development covered the south. Advisor Nadler went 10 miles south and said he could see large areas of rain on the ground. I went back to the computer and looked at the radar and satellite after a brief conversation with YO, and 7K and a final look I decided that the east was a better task area.

The task was changed to a 312 miler with Hondo, Fredericksburg, and Uno Mass as the turns. After a roll call the task opened and within 20 minutes all were on course.

The run to the north was weak with most guys only seeing 3 to 4 knots all the way to Fredericksburg. As soon as they got out of the hills things got much better and the run south was a real blast. A large shelf of blow off from storms in Old Mexico shadowed the final leg home. Some chose to go east toward Pearsall and got caught in a small but heavy downpour. Others saw big Cu under the shelf and went for them. That was the trick that got many home.

Dave Mockler wins the day by coming out of the last turn and driving right down the course line. He said it looked dark going in but he quickly saw Cu forming under the shelf and used them. Liz Schwenkler took second today and for the first time I can ever remember we have a woman in the overall lead of the 15 Meter Nationals! John Seaborn moved up today with a 3rd place finish.

I should mention that we are using the “double bubble” start system. Half of the fleet goes out of one start cylinder and the rest go out of another. This system has proven to be fair and consistent at Uvalde and really cuts down on the gaggling.

It was a “manly” task today and it is very exciting to see Liz do so well. We are worried about tomorrow and now the great Uvalde weather we thought we were in for seems to turned into a juicy mess.

See you at the airport,