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The 70 Pilot Ranking for Jim L Lamb is based on these results for the 2010 Senior Championships

Final report

Today central Florida returned to something resembling normal early Spring conditions. To be sure, it was cold overnight (but with no frost) and skies were severely blue (no scrap of cumulus clouds was seen anywhere). But high temperatures reached into the low 70s, thermal climbs reached 5000 feet, and pilots felt the world was once again spinning on its normal axis.

For the third time in four tries, Fernando Silva did things best. He was one of just two pilots who exceeded 60 mph (in his case, on a task of 141 miles), which gave him 1000 points for the day, and first place for the contest. Karl Striedieck was second for both the day and the contest. Robin Clark managed 15th for the day, but this was enough to hang onto third place overall.

The 27th Senior Contest is now in the books. Weather presented many challenges, but yielded 4 (of 6 possible) valid contest days in a variety of conditions. We had a damage-free week (the worst casualty was a flagpole temporarily flattened by a stray pickup truck). And Seminole Lake Gliderport renewed its reputation as the best place in North America for a March soaring contest.