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World Class National Contest

August 21, 2002 - Spratt Report

Hi race fans, 8/21/02 18:30

Once the day got to “cookin” things went great for both classes. The clouds were skimpy and ragged early in the launch but as the heat came up the clouds got more healthy and started going up.

The World Class had the best day of the contest with all but 2 getting home. The task was a 3 ˝ MAT with 3 mandatory turns. All the guys who completed had several more turns in the box. All stayed around Uvalde bouncing between the feed lot, RR crossing and Coyote Ranch. 6,000 ft. AGL was common height for all the guys. It really was the best day of the contest for this class.

I don’t think these guys even get a chance to run with Sebastian. Today he smoked the fleet again with a speed of 55 MPH!!! This speed gave Sabastian 1114 points for the day. Francois came in second with a speed of 44 MPH. Charles Yeates is still in the over all lead with a 3rd today. Larry Pardue is really getting use to the PW-5 and got 4th for the day. Bill Snead takes 5th.

In the Open Class it is a good thing we decided not go to Junction. The cirrus hung around up north and softened the lift and heights. The run down south was weak at first but improved greatly toward the first turn. The second leg was off street and they would run for 3 or 4 miles and have to cut over. At the second turn, West Kerr, the lift dropped down into the 3 to 4 knot range as they rounded the turn. They were coming home into the wind but luck was with them as a beautiful cloud street formed like a highway to Uvalde and 120 knots was the average speed all along it.

Ron Tabery is unstoppable and has another day win today. Ron flew the 312 mile task at 77 MPH. Monty Sullivan get in a good bite with a second for the day. Mark Huffstutler returned to the line up today and again showed that he still has it with a 3rd for the day. 4th went to Heinz and Liz took 5th.

The cirrus did shadow the north but for the most part it was a super Uvalde day. Tonight the local troop of Indian dancers are performing here at the airport. This is a Uvalde tradition and a lot of fun.

See you at the airport,