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Region 5 East

Saturday Report

This morning broke with sunshine instead of clouds with winds out of the northeast.  The day looked promising but the clouds remained low.

Love was in the air today!

Sarah Kelly and Jason Arnold were officially engaged just after the pilots meeting and before grid time. The ring is absolutely beautiful and Sarah was weighed on the grid to be sure her new engagement ring addition did not incur a weight penalty! She proudly showed her lovely ring to friends and admirers. Jason admitted that he was a bit apprehensive and planned to pop the question when he knew she just couldn't get away. After all, she was in the lead in Sports class at grid time, she had to stay to defend her position!

That was not the end of the romance on the field today. Two local people from the nearby town of Kershaw decided that they wanted to be married on an airfield. They are interested in aviation and are members of the local Civil Air Patrol.  Today they were married in the gazebo, under the shade of the wisteria.  Hopeless romantics that we are, we agreed to the wedding and would somehow work in the helicopter which that was to take the couple off to their honeymoon. This morning the helicopter pilot decided that the job of best man was more appealing than trying to land a helicopter amid a myriad of gliders. As a conscientious best man, he opted to use a getaway car instead of the helicopter.

Because it was the last day, both classes were assigned a "banquet task," basically a double out-and-return TAT of modest proportions.

In order not to disturb the actual wedding, Rick launched all the gliders as the wedding party was assembling.  There was good lift under the clouds, but the clouds remained too low to go out on the task.  While the happy couple were exchanging vows, the glider pilots were trying to stay out of each other's way at 2900 AGL.

It was touch and go whether the day would be called or it would become a contest day.

After some discussion with advisors regarding "safe and fair task", the minimum times were reduced to 1:45, and the gates were opened.

We had a couple landouts early, Ted Goranson landed 3 miles south of the field, actually got a ride back to the field from a neighbor and retrieved himself. Alan Smith landed at Pageland airport and was quickly returned by aerotow.

The sailplanes began returning to the field at about 5:15 after a late start. Upon landing, "it was tough but fun" was the general perception and summary of the day.

The daily winners were Wally Berry in the Sports Class, and Dennis Linnekin in the FAI class.  Upon learning of his victory, Dennis, a man of many experiences this week, was heard to say, "Winning is better than an airspace penalty."

But in the end, no one could overtake the overall leaders on the last day.

At the banquet, we made it official:  The 2009 Region 5 East champions are George Green in the Std/15m Class, and bride-to-be Sarah Kelly in Sports.

- Jayne Reid


Day Results

Standard/15 Meter Class Day 4

1820DLDennis LinnekinASW-2743.66 43.66 75.93 75.93 MT  
2797RF1Robin FlemingLS-842.47 41.64 75.55 74.06   
37291EDon WasnessASW-2438.85 38.09 67.11 65.79 MT  
47145George GreenASG-29-1538.02 38.02 67.63 67.63   
5710SFScott FletcherLS-637.82 37.82 65.40 65.40 MT  
57102RBill BewleyLS-637.84 37.84 65.34 65.34 MT  
70TAFrank PaynterVentus 2Bx    W, F 
70W7Jake AlspaughLAK-17AT    W, F 
70J4John BojackLS-10 S    FL 
7041Walt CawbyASW-28    W, F 

Sports Class Day 4

1950WBWally BerryLibelle39.52 40.20 77.44 78.78   
2901DUSarah KellySilent 2DU37.48 32.04 73.67 62.96   
3890HKRon SuttonJantar 1737.01 38.40 67.27 69.79   
484956Jay CampbellVentus 2B35.33 39.97 62.16 70.31   
58401FLTim Larsen304CZ34.93 38.09 60.49 65.97 MT  
6745H6Chris RufMosquito30.99 32.96 54.16 57.62 MT  
7719GH1Tom MooreASW-20C28.64 32.62 53.92 61.41   
835415BAlan SmithASW-15B  40.61 40.61 AB 
9291192Kevin AndersonSGS 1-26  32.90 19.94 MD, AB 
10154SVCTed GoransonPW-5  19.04 16.14 MD 
110PEK. & C. Haney & CookPIK-20D    W, F