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Region 5 East

Thursday Report

For the first three days of this contest, weatherman Scott Fletcher and I had developed the habit of assembling real early, around 7:00am.   This morning, I got a small indication of the state of the day when Scott walked over to my camping van and told me he wasn't going to assemble at all.  Later, at the 10:00 pilot's meeting, with light rain falling, his weather forecast for the day was "it's a great day to do laundry."

Jay and Sally Campbell are hosting a dinner tonight in Camden, so Frank Reid described some possible Camden area activities prior to the evening's dinner.  Camden has a bowling alley, which is fun unless someone actually knows how to bowl, and a pool hall (the Cue and Brew) that is supposed to be pretty good.  There is also a national horse steeplechase race in the area if you are into horses.  For those who want something closer to the airport, Frank Reid also has an entire house devoted to pool (of the billiards variety, not the water).  When last seen, Frank was walking toward the pool house with his arm on the shoulder of one of the pilots, saying, "Why don't you show me how to play this game?  We can play for money if you like."

See ya at the airport, Charlie!

-Frank Paynter