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Region 5 East

Wednesday Report

Scott Fletcher's weather forecast for today was, "If you liked yesterday, you'll love today".  Highs in the high 80's - low 90's, weak thready lift to 4-5000', and an early end to the day.  In addition, the outlook for the rest of the contest is not particularly good, so there is a lot of motivation to get a day in today.  CD Rick Sheppe declared that he had two personal goals for the contest:  at least one double 1000 point day, and getting the 1-26 around the course without landing out.  Someone in the back of the meeting was heard to say that the first goal might be possible, but the second one would require a major miracle!  The The FAI class Task and the Sports class Task have the same two turnpoints (6 Anson County and 11 Camden) but different radii for the second turn.  Both classes got 20 miles on Anson County but the FAI class got 7 miles for Camden and the Sports guys got 15.

The CD called for an 11:30 grid time, hoping for an early launch to offset the expected early end of soaring.  At 11:45 Jayne Reid was flung aloft in a 1-26 day to sniff for us, but was back on the ground in short order.  At about 12:30, George Green (5) was sent aloft, and he stuck - reporting good climbs through 2500' AGL.  The launch started soon thereafter, and by the time we were all aloft, cloud bases had risen to over 4000'MSL and it was clear that the day was developing much better than predicted.

We had one small piece of excitement during the launch, when Tom Moore (GH1) got a wing down momentarily.  Linda LaBerge saw the wing go down and decided to release the rope at her end rather than wait to find out what happened next.  As it turned out, Tom was able to get the wing back up, but much better safe than sorry!

According to pilot reports, a good time was had by all today.  The first leg was almost directly downwind, and there was a good bit of streeting.  Pilots were getting decent climbs to around 5000' on course, but not too many climbs were needed.  Conditions on the second leg was actually a bit stronger, so the only real danger for the FAI class was turning too early in the first circle and running out of room before running out of time.  There were no landouts (even Kevin Anderson and his 1-26 got back!) and the winners in both classes earned 1000 points.  Chris Ruf (H6) in his Mosquito won Sports class with 50 mph, and Don Wasness (1E) won the FAI class in his ASW-24 with 60 mph.  Don reported that he was able to fly the energy lines and not have to circle very much at all.  Weatherman Scott Fletcher (SF) reported that he followed Don most of the day and was amazed at how well Don utilizes energy lines.

Jayne and Frank hosted another catered dinner in the World Class hangar tonight, and smiles and soaring stories abounded.  The CD's smile was bigger than most, as he had indeed met his goal for the day - two 1000-point scores, AND the 1-26 made it around.

See ya at the airport, Charlie!

-Frank Paynter

Day Results

Standard/15 Meter Class Day 3

110001EDon WasnessASW-2460.03 58.86 120.05 117.69 MT  
2958TAFrank PaynterVentus 2Bx57.54 57.54 123.42 123.42   
3933SFScott FletcherLS-656.04 56.04 112.22 112.22   
49285George GreenASG-29-1555.73 55.73 112.19 112.19   
5868J4John BojackLS-10 S52.13 52.13 106.59 106.59   
6858RF1Robin FlemingLS-851.52 50.51 112.78 110.57   
7851W7Jake AlspaughLAK-17AT51.11 51.11 107.08 107.08   
8847DLDennis LinnekinASW-2750.87 50.87 111.11 111.11   
94192RBill BewleyLS-6  83.20 83.20   
10041Walt CawbyASW-28    F 

Sports Class Day 3

11000H6Chris RufMosquito50.48 53.70 108.54 115.47   
2980WBWally BerryH-301 Libelle49.48 50.33 98.48 100.19 MT  
395115BAlan SmithASW-15B47.99 47.99 95.95 95.95 MT  
4947DUSarah KellySilent 2DU47.80 40.85 112.60 96.24   
58441FLTim Larsen304CZ42.60 46.46 91.35 99.62   
682856Jay CampbellVentus 2B41.80 47.28 86.17 97.47   
7827GH1Tom MooreASW-20C41.75 47.55 87.88 100.09   
8765192Kevin AndersonSGS 1-2638.59 23.39 106.52 64.56   
9712HKRon SuttonJantar 1735.95 37.29 71.05 73.70 MT  
10678PEK. & C. Haney & CookPIK-20D32.29 33.99 64.51 67.91 MT  
11671SVCTed GoransonPW-530.63 25.95 60.60 51.35 MT