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Friday Contest Report

Friday Contest Report --- Errol Drew

Our long suffering weatherman, Ward Hindman, was at pains to point out that the total unsuitability of the weather to provide useful contest soaring conditions could in no way be attributed to the accuracy of his gloomy forecasts. After two days of having the fleet on the grid in the hope of calling a task but finally having it cancelled, pilots had become accustomed to wisely saving their wing tape. Today CD finally acknowledged that the weather was just not going to cooperate and abandoned the day at the rescheduled 12pm meeting. Since intermittent showers persisted most of the afternoon this proved to be the sensible decision as pretty much every glider had already in one way or another experienced enough of Vermont's finest water at some point, either in flight, on the grid or in the nearby lake.

Although not recommended, it's encouraging to note that such aqua exposure does not necessarily prevent a glider from flying the next day. A notably successful effort was made to placate a local farmer who had solicited a letter via his local vicar to complain to the club that their exploits had cost him valuable crops through the three land outs on their fields on an earlier competition day. This was achieved by no less than a dozen pilots requesting a paid dinner from the farmer's wife who runs a B&B. Not only was she very appreciative of the custom and was able to experience first hand how nice gliding folk can be, but apparently the lucky diners also had a delicious traditional farmhouse dinner. Perhaps it's thanks to the beautiful Vermont scenery or the genial company of fellow pilots and crew, but in general spirits among all has remained positive and hopeful. With the hint of possible improvement in soaring conditions for Saturday, the last contest day, it remains to be seen if such optimism will be rewarded.