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Retention of Commercial Rights

It is a condition of the sanctioning of any contest by the SSA that the successful bidder accepts and agrees to the SSA Commercial Rights Policy ("Policy"). Pursuant to the Policy, the SSA has reserved for itself all commercial rights relating to SSA sanctioned soaring contests. A copy of the Policy may be obtained on request from the SSA office. Such commercial rights include, without limitation, commercial advertising at or for the sanctioned contest, use of the SSA name and logo for merchandising, use of any sound or image, however recorded or transmitted, relating to the sanctioned contest, and use of any material in any form which is part of a method or system for judging, scoring, performance evaluation or recording, providing or disseminating information used in or for the sanctioned contest.

Examples of these commercial rights might include the granting to third parties, for a fee, of (a) the right to film part of the contest and market the film, or (b) the right to use images relating to the contest for advertising. Another example might be the sale of merchandise in connection with the contest using the SSA name/or logo. Permitting bona fide news media to make limited recordings for news broadcasts, not involving payment of a fee, is not regarded as a commercial right. Successful bidders are encouraged to contact the SSA to discuss the application of the Policy in any specific case. The SSA's present intent is not to apply the Policy in a manner which unreasonable restricts a successful bidder exploiting such sommercial rights on a local basis for its own (but not third parties') benefit.

The successful bidder may (and is encouraged to) make application to the SSA for permission to use or exploit any of the commercial rights reserved to the SSA pursuant to the Policy, which may be granted by the SSA upon such terms and conditions as the SSA may agree.

Posted: 9/2/2009