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Contest IDs

Applying for a Contest ID

Step 1. Read our Contest ID Policy below.

Step 2. Second, check the online database to find if the contest ID that you would like is available.

Step 3. Submit an application for assignment of the contest ID using this form.

If the ID that you want is currently assigned you may choose to go on the waiting list for that ID my sending an e-mail to contests@ssa.org.

Contest Number Policy

  1. Contest IDs are assigned by the Soaring Society of America for the purpose of identifying sailplanes entered in SSA-sanctioned soaring competitions. If two entrants wish to use the same ID, preference goes to the one using an SSA-assigned ID.
  2. Contest ID rules:
    • Each Contest IDs consists of one, two or three characters. Eligible characters are the uppercase letters A through Z and the digits 0 through 9.
    • Any contest ID which contains a zero or an "O" must be all numeric or alphabetic. For example, 01,02 will be zero-1, zero2: OA will be Oscar Alpha, Oscar Bravo.
    • The 3-digit Contest IDs 001-700 will be assigned only to owners of Schweizer 1-26 sailplanes with the matching serial number.
    • The SSA reserves the right not to assign any Contest ID that could, in the SSA's sole judgment, be considered offensive or inappropriate.
  3. Eligibility for a Contest ID requires that a person be a member of the SSA and the owner of a sailplane. The SSA member must:
    • request an ID not currently assigned
    • provide proof of ownership (including make, model and registration number) of a sailplane to which the Contest ID will be assigned
    • pay the Contest ID fee of $25
  4. Restrictions:
    • No more than one Contest ID per sailplane owned will be assigned. (A single ID may be used on more than one owned sailplane.)
    • For a sailplane with more than one owner, a Contest ID is assigned to one co-owner. Other co-owners are considered to be on the waiting list (see below) for that sailplane's Contest ID, effective from the date of co-ownership.
    • Contest IDs cannot be reserved toward future purchases - proof of current ownership is required.
  5. Renewal:
    • Contest IDs are initially assigned for three years. Payment of another Contest ID fee renews the assignment for a further three years; this may be continued as long as the owner of the Contest ID remains eligible.
    • Contest IDs are also considered to be renewed when used during entry in an SSA-sanctioned soaring contest. In order to qualify, the entry must be by a sailplane bearing the Contest ID and owned by the owner of the Contest ID, and a sanction fee must be paid by the contest entrant and received by the SSA. The period of renewal is three years from the end of the soaring contest.
    • A pilot who wins 3 or more SSA-sanctioned National soaring contests will have the renewal fee waived for as long as eligibility is retained.
  6. Reassignment:
    • A lapse in SSA membership may result in reassignment of a Contest ID. (But in the event of an SSA member's death, an assigned Contest ID will not be reassigned for a period of one year.)
    • SSA members may request (in writing) to be put on a waiting list for up to three specific Contest IDs that are currently assigned but may become available. If a requested ID becomes available, it will be reassigned to the eligible SSA member who first requested it, upon satisfaction of the requirements of paragraph 3 (above).
    • Provided a Contest ID is not subject to a waiting list, the owner of a Contest ID may reassign it to any eligible SSA member by written notification to the SSA. The new owner must comply with all requirements of paragraph 3 (above).

Specific Instructions for Applying Contest IDs

  1. Permanence: SSA is only concerned with legibility during competitions. The numbers may be made permanent at the option of the owner(s).
  2. Placement and orientation:
    • On under side of right wing.
    • All numbers shall be same height, and in line.
    • Top of numbers, viewed from below, shall be toward the leading edge of the wing.
    • Numbers shall be as large as possible consistent with form C position and clearance requirements.
    • The center of the numbers shall be located 1/4 to 1/3 distance to the wing tip from the centerline of the fuselage. Position numbers giving maximum size, contrast and visibility.
    • Clearance from leading and trailing edges shall be equal or nearly so; minimum clearance should be the width of the stroke forming numbers.
    • On both sides of vertical tail surface.
    • Numbers shall be of equal height, in line horizontally, and as large as possible consistent with form C requirements and clearance of at least the stroke width from the nearest edge.
    • Numbers should be placed as high as possible on the vertical surface.
  3. Shape, Stroke Width, Spacing of Numbers:
    • Shape - Each digit or letter shall be two-thirds as wide as it is high, except that the number "1" shall be one-sixth as wide as it is high and M and W shall be as wide as they are high.
    • Stroke, Width or Thickness - Digits or letters shall be formed by solid lines of a thickness equal to one-sixth of the height.
    • Spacing - The space between digits shall be not less than one-fourth of the width of a single digit.
    • Design - SIMPLE BLOCK NUMERALS AND LETTERS ONLY, such as those used for FAA identification.
  4. Contrast: Maximum color contrast. Number should be applied against a uniform background, with adequate margins if a color change is adjacent. Black letters on white background are strongly recommended.

Posted: 12/15/2008