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Scoring Programs, Turnpoints and Ranking


SSA gratefully acknowledges Guy Byars for his invaluable effort on the WinScore program. The link below is displayed for the soaring community's benefit.

WinScore, available at: www.gfbyars.com/winscore.

All data and information produced by these programs are provided without guarantee by the SSA as to their completeness or correctness. Any conclusions drawn from the data and information produced by these programs are the sole responsibility of the user.


John Leibacher maintains an unofficial (and very useful) database of turnpoints at soaringweb.org/TP.

These have come from a variety of sources. Most have not been ground-verified, and they are provided "as is". Prudent pilots will, of course, check with contest organizers for updates and will always keep their eyes outside the cockpit. Files to facilitate loading of GPS receivers and flight computers are also provided; not all of these have been tested with the various manufacturers' hardware.

All data and information contained in any of the data files are provided without guarantee as to their completeness or correctness. Any conclusions drawn from these data and information are the sole responsibility of the user.

Caveats aside, we hope that this collection will help your flying, and invite you to send suggestions, corrections, and new sources of waypoints to John Leibacher john.leibacher@gmail.com.

Pilot Ranking List

The 2009 SSA Pilot Ranking list is available at soaringweb.org/PRL. Shown is each pilot's ranking score and the year and contest in which it was achieved. Here is how the list is compiled:

In every official contest sanctioned by the SSA, a pilot whose final score is greater than zero receives a Pilot Ranking score:
Pilot Ranking Score = (Contest Weighting Factor) * (Pilot's final score) / (Winner's final score)

The Contest Weighting Factor depends on the competition type and class:

  • FAI-class National competitions: 100.0
  • Sport-class National competitions: 100.0
  • Regional FAI-class and Senior competitions: 92.0
  • Regional sport-class competitions: 92.0

At the beginning of each year, the SSA publishes an annual Pilot Ranking list. A pilot's score on this list is the best Pilot Ranking score achieved in any sanctioned contest within the previous three years.

Scores from this list are used for determining contest entry qualification and preferential entry into contests that may be oversubscribed. These scores are not used for US Team Selection - that is done based on results from National competitions over more than a single year.

Mirror Sites

The soaringweb.org site is mirrored at soaring.xinqu.net and soaring.gahsys.com

Fly safely!

Posted: 12/15/2008