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SSA Contest Forms and Resources

This is a comprehensive list of SSA contest resources and their document numbers. An 'f' after the form number indicates a PDF form that can be filled electronically. Documents with no file link are not finished. See instructions below.   


SC01 08 Contest Resource Summary     --- Comprehensive list of SSA resources available to contest organizers and contestants.


SC02 08 Contest Organizers Sanction Kit     --- This guide provides a robust reference for organizing and sanctioning SSA soaring contests
SC04 08 Contest Web Management Guide     --- Online web based SSA contest management provides organizers with powerful tools to efficiently manage soaring contests.
SC06 08 Entering SSA Contests     --- This guide provides contestants with a clear step-by-step guide on how to enter an SSA sanctioned soaring contest using the SSA’s Online Entry
SC08 08 Contest Site Selection Criteria PDF   --- This guide is helpful for organizers as it provides a good reference on what the site selection criteria are for a contest.
SC10 08 Retrieve Office Procedures PDF   --- This is a document that outlines procedures that have proven to make a Retrieve Office effective and efficient.
SC12 08 Contest Organizer Requirements     --- The SSA Competition Rules describe the requirements that contest organizers must meet to sponsor a Sanctioned soaring contest.
SC14 08 Pilot Requirements PDF   --- The SSA Competition Rules describe the requirements that pilots must meet to enter a SSA sanctioned soaring contest
SC16 08 Tow Pilots and Tug Roster PDF   --- This is a list of the tow pilots that may be available to tow at your soaring contest.
SC17 08 Guidelines for Soaring Magazine Reports  PDF   --- Provides the framework for writing a contest article for Soaring Magazine. Includes tips, suggested editorial content and a good deal more to make your contest report as good as it can be.
SC18 08 Contest Related Web Links PDF   --- This is a comprehensive list web links and resources available to contestants and organizers.


SC20f 10 Regional Sanction Application PDF   --- Use this form to apply to the SSA for Sanction of a Regional Championship.
SC22f 10 National Sanction Application PDF   --- Use this form to apply to the SSA for Sanction of a National Championship.
SC24 10 Pilot Registration Form PDF   --- This form is to be filled out by all pilots who will fly in a SSA sanctioned contest
SC25 12 SSA Contest Waiver Form - NEW! PDF   --- This form is to be filled out by all pilots who will fly in a SSA sanctioned contest
SC26 10 Tow Pilot Registration Form PDF   --- This is essentially a short version of the Pilot Registration Form for Tug Pilots
SC28 10 Pilot Kit Cover Sheet PDF DOC This form describes the contents of the kit that is distributed to each contest entrant upon registration.
SC30 10 Retrieve Office Card PDF   --- This is the form that the Retrieve Office uses to keep track of each pilot on each contest day.
SC32 10 Pilot Task Claim Form PDF   --- This form is used by pilots to submit a task claim to the Scorer.
SC34 10 Pilot Sign-In Sheet PDF   --- This form is used to record the signatures of pilots when they turn in flight documentation
SC36 10 Record of Events Form PDF DOC This form is used to record the times of daily events such as takeoffs, task opening, reported starts and landings
SC38 10 Pilot Out Landing Form PDF   --- This form is filled out by any pilot who lands away from the contest site, prior to telephoning the contest Retrieve Office
SC40 10 Contest Summary Report  PDF   --- Use this form to close out the contest with the SSA
SC42 10 Accident/Incident Report Form PDF   --- This form is used to report the details of any accident or incident that occurred during a sanctioned contest.
SC44 10 Manditory Pilots Meeting Sign-In PDF   --- Here is the sign in sheet to be circulated and all pilots should to sign at the manditory pilots meeting.


SC50 10 Daily Task Sheet PDF DOC Daily Task Sheet handed out to pilots
SC52 10 Budgeting and Reporting  --- EXL Provides the financial budgeting and reporting tools needed to run a financially sound contest.
SC54 10 Merchandise Spreadsheet  --- EXL Great for planning what to buy and how much plus tracking costs.
SC56 08 Entry and Account Tracking  ---   A quick reference summary for tracking entrants and their documentation requirements as well as providing a summary account of who has paid what for the contest.
SC58 08 Registration Tracking  --- DOC A handy checklist and accounting summary used to confirm pilots registering for a contest. Great for summarizing all costs as pilots register
SC62 08 Tow Pilot Tracking Spreadsheet  --- EXL This form helps make sure the tow pilots all get paid properly
SC64 10 Pilot Kit Examples and Resources  --- DOC Here are examples and resources for what needs to go in these kits including a list of contest personnel, contest site diagram,
SC66 10 Pre-Contest Bulletin Example  --- DOC This document is helpful in developing your own pre contest bulletin(s) and is a good checklist for organizers.
SC68 10 Organizers Signage Kit  --- DOC Often signs are the best way to communicate important information to contestants. Here are several handy signs including off-limits,
SC70 10 Cell Phone Sign-In List PDF DOC This form can be used at the mandatory pilots meeting to collect the cell phone numbers of the contestants and crews.
SC72 10 Calendar of Events Template  --- DOC This template makes it easy to create an attractive calendar of events for your contest.

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To contribute your forms or improve these resources contact contests@ssa.org . To view and/or print the above PDF files, download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

Posted: 10/22/2008