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Name Glider ID Reg Locator URL ELT
Journeys Aviation, Inc. DBA Mile High Gliding, Inc.  0 Not Listed
Vacaville Aero Service, Inc  ASK-21 WSCFleet WSCFleet Click Here
Charles Aaron LAK-12 1RE N481RE Not Listed
Vanessa Aaron DG-300 AR N32AR Click Here
Mike Abernathy S-10VT N315CM Member Only
Claudio Abreu ASW-24E CT N96CT Click Here
Moses Acee Discus 2cT-18 AC N696AC Click Here 121.5
John Ackerson DG-303 MR N303MR Click Here 406
Randy Acree LS-8-15 AV8 N712AR Click Here
Randy Acree Zuni II AV8 N24MZ Click Here
Aland Adams JS3-18 AA N11AA Click Here
Aland Adams Duo Discus T VA N82VA Click Here
Allan Adams LS-8 YG N98YG Not Listed 121.5
Gary Adams H-201 Standard Libelle RD1 N11RD Not Listed
Mark Adams L-33 Solo N359BA Click Here
Mark Adams IS-28B2 N99167 Click Here
Mark Adams LS-3A N111VH Click Here
Geoffrey Aiken DG-300 MQ 300DU Member Only 121.5
Andrew Ainslie ASG-29 VW N29SZ Click Here
Mark Akerley ASW-27 AY N127AY Click Here
James Alaggio ASW-24 AB N122AB Member Only
Peter Alexander ASG-29ES 98 598PA Click Here
Peter Alexander ASG-32 MI 98 298PA Click Here
Lynn Alley Duo Discus 2KA N982KA Click Here
Oscar Alonso ASW-24 RO2 N24MR Member Only
Jim Alton LAK-17A 5K N1754 Click Here
Kevin Anderson DG-400-17 92 N70BS Click Here
Norman Anderson DG-400-17 5014A Member Only 121.5
Rick Anderson ASW-27 YC N66IT Not Listed
Ingo Andresen EB29 VB DKVVB Click Here 406

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