Sports Class Nationals

Contest Information

Contest Name: Sports Class Nationals
Contest Location: Midlothian, TX
Description: Competition Director: Dick Mockler Scorer: Tom Pressley U.S. Club Class - Open to sailplanes with 0.898 and greater handicap Modern Sports Class - Open to all sailplanes but maximum handicap applied is 0.940 per Rule 6.12 Maximum number of entries 40.
Dates: Practice: 7/13/2014 - 7/14/2014
Contest: 7/15/2014 - 7/24/2014
Classes: Sports, US Club
Fees: Deposit: $150
Entry: $300 + $55 per tow / Late Entry: $50
Checks to: TSA Contest 2014
Host Organization: Texas Soaring Association
Contest Web Site:
Control Point Site:
Contest Manager: Michael Westbrook | Phone: (817) 880-5835 | Fax:
Contest Status Sanction Staus: Approved
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