Region 12

Contest Information

Contest Name: Region 12
Contest Location: California City Airport
Description: Open, 15-Meter, Standard, and Sport Classes. Contest Manager is Cindy Brickner, 760-373-1019. Competition Director is Greg Chaffee. Maximum number of entrants is 65.
Dates: Practice: 1/1/1900 - 1/1/1900
Contest: 8/24/2002 - 9/2/2002
Fees: Deposit: TBD
Entry: $280, $25 late-entry surcharge
Checks to:
Host Organization: RESCO
Contest Web Site:
Control Point Site:
Contest Manager: Cindy Brickner | Phone: | Fax:
Contest Status Sanction Staus: Approved
Online Registration Online entry is closed.