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Live video from WGC2017 Friday and Saturday

As excitement builds in the final few days of a close competition, a new feature to follow the pilots’ progress live is about to be introduced.

The Gliding Federation of Australia’s head of marketing and development, John Styles, said a live stream, via YouTube, would please anyone keen to follow developments in greater detail.

“What we will have is live commentary explaining the tactics and rules and how it all works,” Mr Styles said.

“We’ll have live in-flight video from a number of gliders, so you can see what the pilot’s seeing whilst he’s flying along.”

The feed will be displayed on the event YouTube page, which in turn will be embedded into the championship website at www.wgc2017.com.

The broadcasting will start at 10am on Friday and Saturday, with the live streaming of the briefing. (Australia day and time folks)

“Once the gliders are launching later in the day the live event will take place and it will last throughout the flights,” Mr Styles said.

Commentary will be intermittent, and viewers can also expect to see adverts along the way, in the form of still images or short videos.

Posted: 1/19/2017