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Clubs and Chapters

The Soaring Society of America invites all soaring clubs to become affiliated chapters. A chapter of the SSA is defined as an approved organization with at least seven voting members of the SSA and in which all other members hold some grade of SSA membership. One of the chapter benefits is a listing on the SSA Where To Fly web site. Each SSA chapter is defined as an entity associated with the SSA by means of membership as an organized affiliate.

If there's one thing that epitomizes the SSA, it is our local chapters. Through these local organizations many of us were first introduced to our sport. Through these same chapters we are able to continue flying in a supportive environment. If you don't belong to the local chapter, join one. To find an SSA chapter near you click here, if you can't find one nearby, consider starting one yourself. Please contact the SSA office at 575-392-1177 for further information regarding chapters.

Resources for current chapters

Resources for new chapters

Remember the SSA Growbook?  If not, you need to give it a read.  Download a PDF copy here.

To view and/or print the above PDF files, download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

Posted: 9/26/2017