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Frequently Asked Questions

Pilots getting ready to start flying for their badges usually have a lot of questions.

  • Click here for the SSA Badge and Records Guide
  • Click here for a list of Authorized Senior Observers for International Records.
  • If your questions are not answered here then e-mail The Badge Dude.

Applications for badges may be submitted by email. ONLY documents scanned as PDF can be accepted. IGC files must be the original file and NOT zipped. Please submit all documentation together with the icg file(s).

FAI Record applications cannnot be emailed. Original documents by mail only.

For more information on the rules governing badge and record flights, the FAI Sporting Code can be accessed on our website (look under forms).

Send all completed applications and documentation to the SSA, PO Box 2100, Hobbs, NM 88241-2100.

Change in Application Process for FAI Sporting Licenses        NAA

An FAI Sporting License is required for all record attempts and all FAI sanctioned events and competitions. Sporting License applicants must be a member of NAA and/or a current member of the apporpirate NAA Air Sport Organization. NAA members participating in competitions and/or record setting activities can receive a one-year FAI Sporting License at no cost, but must complete and application for the sporting license.

Due to FAI policy changes, you must apply for a Sporting License at least 14 days prior to your record attempt or competition. Applications submitted less than 14 days prior to the event may not be processed in time to allow you to participate.

Additional information is available from Bob Wander’s book, “The Silver Badge Made Easy” and Jackie Payne‘s Book, “The Badge & Record Book”. Both are available from the SSA Merchandise Department.


Posted: 3/30/2009

FAI Badge and Records Committee 

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