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Changes to Flight Recorder Approvals

Changes approved by the IGC Bureau in October 2011. GFAC recently agreed to delay the implementation date until October 1, 2012.

The changes were recommended due to significant security breaches of IGC files and the following Flight Recorders were determined by FAI to not be secure enough for World records. The FR's with reduced approval to Diamond will no longer be valid for Diploma or World Record flights.  We (FAI B&R Committe) still need to determine whether they will be usable for National (US) and State records. The FR's that show approval withdrawn will not be valid for any FAI badge or record.

Manufacturer Model Changes
Cambridge 10, 20, 25 Reduced approval to Diamond
Zander GP940 Reduced approval to Diamond
Filser LX30 batch 1 Withdrew approval
Print Technik GR1000 Withdrew approval
Filsner (now LXN) LX20 with RSA Reduce approval to Diamond
EWFR A-D Withdrew Approval
Filsner (now LXN) LX21 Reduce approval to Diamond
Filsner (now LXN) DX50  Reduce approval to Diamond
Filsner (now LXN) LX5000IGC Reduce approval to Diamond
LXN Colbibri Reduce approval to Diamond
SDI/LXN Posigraph 1.0 Reduce approval to Diamond
Print Technik GR1000A with RSA Withdrew Approval

Posted: 4/12/2012

FAI Badge and Records Committee 

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