Kolstad College Scholarship




2019 Mr. David McMaster The Kolstad Scholarship Committee is happy to announce that the 2019 award goes to David McMaster of Caesar Creek Soaring Club. David has the Silver badge and Gold/Diamond legs to a predetermined goal. He has also finished 4th in his first contest and 7th in Region 3. He completed a 6 hour flight and crewed for Boyd Willat and Mike Westbrook (also a Kolstad awardee) in Club Class World Comps in Poland in 2018. His longest flight was 226 miles, and he is studying to be a professional pilot at Ohio State.
2018 Mr. Jacob Fairbairn At age 23, Jacob has amassed over 2000 hours, has an A & P mechanic license, advanced ground instructor, competed in several glider contests, towed at several glider competitions, is an Eagle Scout, won several awards for his contest flying, earned 2 associate degrees in aviation maintenance and avionics, works closely with his church, and plans to be a missionary pilot. He reflects all that the Kolstad Scholarship stands for. He is our unanimous decision for the 2018 award.
2017 Mr. Philip Chidekel Phillip had completed his A, B, and C badges in 2012; Silver C in 2013; Gold Distance in 2017; Diamond Distance in 2017; and Diamond Goal in 2017. He also holds 3 Pennsylvania State records. In 2017 he placed 3rd in the US Junior Camp Contest. He is also an active tow pilot with tailwheel endorsement. The members of the Kolstad Scholarship committee are very proud of his accomplishments and whole-heartedly endorse him as the 2017 Kolstad winner!
2016 Mr. Noah Reitter
2015 Mr. Ryan McMaster
2014 Mr. Christopher J. Zaboji
2013 Mr James P Stewart
2012 Mr. Daniel Sazhin
2011 Miss Rachel F. Conklin
2010 No Award
2009 No Award
2008 Mr. William Bradford Towne III
2008 Mr Trace Lewis
2007 Mr Mitchell A Wagner
2007 Mr. Devin T Bargainnier
2006 Mr Corey Sullivan
2006 Mr. Steven Coggins
2005 Mr. Eddie C. Pickens
2004 Ms. Sylvia Grandstaff
2004 Mr. Kevin Christner
2003 Mr. Ryan S Vihlen
2003 Mr. Walter Brink II
2002 Mr. Josh Burczynski
2002 Mr. Christopher D. Saunders
2002 Ms. Kathryn Fosha
2001 David Shelton
2001 Dan Koneck
2000 Mr. Michael P. Riley
2000 Mr. Michael S Westbrook
1999 Mr. Steven Garin
1999 Mr. Michael R. Robison
1998 Mr. Justin Poet
1998 Mr. Jason Howard
1997 Mr. Danny K. Sorenson
1997 Mr. Ira E Phillips III
1996 Mr. Steven Lewis
1996 Mr. Garret I. Willat
1995 Ms. Elizabeth J Schwenkler
1995 Mark Dunning
1994 Mr. Paul Sabino
1994 Mr. James Brown
1993 Mr. Joe Walter
1992 David Graham
1991 Mr. Tim P Hanke
1990 Mr Neal M Nelson
1990 Erik Nelson
1989 Mr. Michael S Ondeck
1988 Mr Sean R. Franke
1987 Mr Patrick McAtee
1986 Ms Jan Huelsbeck
1985 Mr. Gordon R. Boettger
1984 Mr. Mark Culpepper
1983 Brad Weals
1983 Mr Steven Leonard
1981 Mr. David Mockler
1980 Mr. John O. Mills
1980 Alice Goodlette
1978 Mr Jeff Ohmart
1978 Mr Todd Tracy
1977 Kim McEligot
1976 Mr. Fredrick Voltz
1975 Mr. Stephen M. Foreman
1974 Betsy Shannon
1973 Mr John H Carver
1971 Mr Bill Fenton
1968 Mr Michael Opitz