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Affiliations and Divisions Committee

The Affiliations and Divisions Committee is responsible for liaison activities with special independent interest groups.

Posted: 3/2/2007


Collegiate Soaring Association click here for the CSA website
In late 1985, CSA was formed to foster and promote the amateur sports of gliding and soaring in the context of Colleges and Universities, on a National and non-profit basis.
League of Silent Flight click here for the LSF website
Photo #8352 | League of Silent FliThe League of Silent Flight was established by a group of RC sailplane modelers in 1969 to provide a collective identification for radio control sailplane enthusiasts. The non-profit LSF fosters and supports all phases of both sporting and competition activity for model sailplanes and encourages the advancement of model aeronautics and related aspects of RC soaring.
National Soaring Museum click here for the NSM website
The National Soaring Museum preserves and presents the heritage of motorless flight, and promotes through education, a greater knowledge of soaring, aeronautics, and related physical sciences for everyone.
US Southwest Soaring Museum click here for the Museum website
The Southwest Soaring Museum preserves soaring history, displaying dozens of historic sailplanes, motorgliders, hang gliders, and ultralights. The museum collection also includes model gliders, photos, books, and other soaring memorabilia.

Posted: 7/15/2007


1-26 Association click here for the 1-26 Association website
The purpose of the 1-26 association is to stimulate interest in, and promote the sport of soaring in the Schweizer 1-26 sailplane.
Vintage Sailplane Association click here for the VSA website
The purpose of the Vintage Sailplane Association is to promote the restoration and flying of old classic gliders and sailplanes.
Experimental Soaring Association click here for the ESA website

The purpose of the Experimental Soaring Association (formerly Sailplane Homebuilders is to stimulate interest in sailplane design and construction.

Women Soaring Pilots Association click here for the WSPA website
The purpose of the Women Soaring Pilots Association is to promote all aspects of soaring for women glider pilots.
Auxilliary-Powered Sailplane Association click here for the ASA website
ASA, Inc. was founded to encourage the design, development and safe use of self-launching and sustainer engine sailplanes to advance the art of soaring.
Freedom's Wings International, Inc. click here for the FWI website
Freedom's Wings International (FWI) is a non-profit organization run by and for people with physical disabilities. We provide the opportunity for those who are physically challenged to fly in specially adapted sailplanes, either as a passenger or as a member of the flight training program.
World Class Soaring Association click here for the WCSA website
The World Class Soaring Association (WCSA) aims to grow the sport of soaring worldwide and to carry our sport to the Olympics. The International Gliding Commission (IGC) created the World Class to provide a safe and affordable single-design glider to support one-design competitions.

Posted: 7/15/2007

Affiliates and Divisions 

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