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SSA Youth and Junior News April 2016

The SSA Youth and Junior Newsletter for April 2016 has been e-mailed.  Not all youth and juniors have an e-mail listed with the SSA.  PDF copies are available online

Posted: 4/17/2016

2014 SSA Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship Awardees

The 2014 SSA Bultman Youth Flight Scholarships awardees are:

Brandon Schultz, 15, Adrian Soaring Club,


Preston Wallace, 18, Sandhill Soaring Club

Congratulations from the SSA Youth Committee

Posted: 8/5/2014

SSA Paper Gliders

The SSA was recently asked by the FAA about what we had for youth.  Apart from our Cadet Intro membership and scholarships, we were a bit stymied.  The SSA Youth Committee secured permission to use a couple of designs for paper gliders, embellished with SSA logos and links, for use in promotion and education about gliders and soaring flight.  These design plans are available for download in PDF format.  It does require printing the parts sheets on card stock.  These are simple, yet not trivial, designs and will require some time and effort to complete, but they do fly well.  We encourage making them available locally for use at aviation events and when introducing youth to soaring.


These can be used for demonstration, learning, and for friendly competition.  You may download the plans at the links below.

Photo #10830 | SSA Primary Paper Gl



For ages 10 and over, the SSA Primary Glider is recommended as it has a less complex wing and is a bit quicker build.






Photo #10831 | SSA Cadet Paper Glid



For ages 12 and over, the SSA Cadet Glider expands on the design and flight performance.





Have fun!

Posted: 3/13/2014

2013 SSA Bultman Youth Flight Scholarships

Congratulations to Bridget Murphy, Harris Hill Soaring Corporation, and Nate Simon, Sandhill Soaring Club, our 2013 award recipients.

Posted: 7/23/2013

2012 SSA Kolstad Scholarship Grant Awarded

Daniel Sazhin, 18, of Brooklyn, NY, is the 2012 SSA Kolstad Scholarship Grant winner.  Daniel is a member of Aero Club Albatross and an avid online Condor Soaring racer.  Daniel has set NY state soaring records and competed in the 1-26 Association Championships.  He hopes to compete in the 2013 1-26 Association Championships also.  The 2013 grant is for $5,000. 

Posted: 12/15/2012

Kolstad Committee Announces a Century 500 and Century 1000

A few Weeks ago, an Air Force Academy cadet emailed the SSA to see if he was able to apply for the Kolstad Century Award as he would be 21 before the Sept 30 date, as specified currently in the rules on the SSA website. The committee felt that he should be awarded the Century 300 because he was eligible (under 21 years old) when he made the flight. The website has been updated to suggest that anyone under the age of 21 when the flight was completed is eligible to receive the Award.

Because of his flight, the committee also felt another update was required. When the Award was designed in 1967, the sailplanes, the technology, and the economy were such that we didn't figure that the young soaring pilot would be doing 500 km flights. That (thankfully) is no longer true. We now have a Century V (for the 500 km) and a Century X (for 1000 km) flights! A patch, pin and certificate are now available for the Century V awards!

The rule for the Kolstad Youth College Scholarship regarding age has not changed. Itis open to pilots aged 14 through 20 inclusive.

Posted: 8/22/2012

SSA Kolstad Scholarship Grant Awarded

Congratulations to Rachel Conklin, the 2011 SSA Kolstad Scholarship Grant recipient.  Rachel is a member of Valley Soaring Club, Middletown, New York.  The 2011 grant is $5,000.

Posted: 12/6/2011

Kolstad Youth Scholarship receives grant

The Kolstad Youth Scholarship has received a $25,000 grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation.  This grant will help sustain the $5,000 college scholarships awarded to involved soaring youth aged 14-20.  Now is the time of year to start planning for completing an award application and for accomplishing either an FAI Silver Badge or a Kolstad Century Award flight required as part of the total package.

Posted: 4/7/2011