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USA Soaring Team Funding

While many competing teams are subsidized by their countries governments, United States soaring teams rely exclusively on personal contributions to compete internationally.

More Classes, Opportunity and Cost
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Exciting changes at the world level of competitive soaring have been occurring over the last several years. New classes and new championships have been recently sanctioned by the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) and the International Gliding Committee (IGC). These new classes have opened up World Soaring Championship participation to new segments of the soaring community which is in keeping with the long term growth strategy of the IGC. This expansion in eligible teams, while viewed as a positive for the sport in the long term, has placed unprecedented strains on team funding.

On the expense side, the typical logistics of sending U.S. Soaring Teams to distant World Gliding Championships (WGC) are daunting and costly. While team members are all volunteers the main expenses of food, shelter, airfare, transportation, glider rental or shipping and entry fees are high. As most championships are held in Europe, the complex and expensive logistical challenge faced by U.S. Soaring Teams stands in stark contrast with many European competitors.

Sources of Funding
All team funding is contributed by individuals in the U.S. soaring community. There are two primary types of contributions, direct and perpetual. Direct contributions are fully available for use by the teams and include sweepstakes, merchandise sales and individual donations. The second source of team funding is perpetual trust income from the Robertson and Woods Trusts. Contributions to these Trusts are invested, with the income providing reliable perpetual support for our teams. For full details on the Robertson Trust see the www.RobertsonTrust.com web site. 

See the full reporting on the U.S. Team Committee page here...

Every two years the SSA sponsors a U.S. Soaring Team Sweepstakes. Typicality first prize is a valuable soaring related item. The Sweepstakes program is typically administered by the Soaring Society of America. This income source typically accounts for almost forty percent of the U.S. Team's budget in prior years.

Fund Raisers, Merchandise & Donations
The remaining US Team budget consists of, merchandise sales and individual donations. Over the year clubs and soaring organizations raise funds for the U.S. Team, the Team sells commemorative merchandise and individual supporters all contribute to help send our teams to compete internationally.

Photo #6027 | Robertson Trust LogoSSA Foundation Funding
The Robertson and Woods Trusts are administered by the SSA Foundation and charted to help support United States Soaring Teams participating in FAI World Soaring Championships. In this case the income from contributions is used to help field U.S. Soaring Teams participation while the original contribution remains intact.  As part of the SSA Foundation, the Robertson Trust, provides contributors with an independent foundation managed by trustees providing for long-term security and stability while bringing the internal discipline necessary to preserve and manage perpetual endowments. The Robert Robertson Memorial Team Fund has an established track record of growth and service to the US Soaring Teams since its establishment in 1988. See the Robertson Web Site for more.

With the current crisis in U.S. Team funding many teams have turned to their members to self-fund participation in World Soaring Championships. While some level of pilot support is to be expected over the long-term, the interest in competitive soaring will be curtailed if it comes with a hefty price tag to participate in World Soaring Championships. Typical levels of self funding now run in the $ 5,000 to $7,000 range.

Contributions To U.S. Soaring Teams
There are three basic ways to participate. Consider helping to fund US World Champions with your contribution to US Soaring Teams. Your donation is tax deductible and will go along way toward insuring the future success of US Soaring Teams.

  Contribute to U.S. Soaring Teams Three Ways...

Make a donation to the GENERAL TEAM FUND which is then administered between the teams according to policy as set each year by the team committee. This is the preferred method of donation.

Make a donation designated to a particular team. These are the Multi-Class (Open, 15-Meter, Standard, 18-Meter), Club, World and Junior classes.

Make a donation to one of the two U.S. Team Trusts (Robertson or Woods). In this case the income from your donation is used to field U.S. Soaring Teams participation in FAI class World Gliding Championships and the principal remains intact. See the Robertson Web Site for more.
  The Team Committee recently started a tax deductible "US Team Camp Fund" contribution category. Tax deductible contributions to this fund will be used to help offset the costs of sponsoring the teams camps. All contributions need to be specifically dedicated to this fund by marking the check, "US Team Camp Fund" and sent to, "Soaring Society of America, US Team Camp Fund, P.O. Box 2100, Hobbs, NM 88241-2100".

Contact for team contributions:
U.S. Soaring Team Contribution
Soaring Society of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 2100
Hobbs, New Mexico 88241-2100 Phone: (505) 392-1177

Posted: 6/1/2010

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