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USA Specific Rules

The OLC contest in the USA follows the general rules set out by OLC available here.

The OLC cannot check for violations of specific regulations in all the various countries in the world and relies on the Partner Check program. Partner Check allows pilots to question flights that appear to violate OLC rules or local regulations. A Partner Check entry is sent to the pilot who made the flight to give them an opportunity to respond.

If you see a questionable flight, first contact the pilot, either directly or through Partner Check. If the flight still appears to be problematic contact the OLC Committee at olc@ssa.org.

Pilots flying and posting OLC flights, as for any flight, are expected to follow current Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Publicly posting flights that appear to violate FARs makes us look bad, and invites FAA action. Aircraft without lights cannot fly before sunrise or after sunset. If your aircraft has lights and you post a flight that shows you were airborne after sunset or before sunrise, please make a note in the comment section when you submit the flight to the OLC. Class A airspace (above 18,000 MSL) and Restricted airspace is not typically monitored by radar. If a Restricted area is opened on the day you fly, or if you are cleared to fly in Class A, please note this in the comment section.

The SSA position on flights that violate FARs is here. The SSA has not, and does not plan to, add any rules of its own to the Online Contest.

Note that it is possible, with proper preparation, for VFR pilots in VFR gliders to fly legally in Class A airspace.

Posted: 7/15/2007