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June 5 - A very good day

Finally, a good soaring day!  The forecast looks good and Charlie calls a 4:30 Turn Area Task.  I ended up flying alone all day and managed to finish 13th for the day - 284 miles at 62 mph.

I was nearly last on the takeoff grid, but the lift was great and I was almost above the top of the start  cylinder when the task was opened.   There were lots of clouds marking lift and I was able to find quite a few streets to make some long runs without circling.

Yesterday's landout caused me to be quite conservative about getting low, so I tried hard not to get below 4000' MSL.  This worked quite well, but I think my speed suffered as the day's winner had me beat by over 10 mph.

Dinner was at the Elks Lodge and very tasty.  Mike Bird gave an entertaining talk, and now we're going to bed with hopes of good weather tomorrow.


Posted: 6/5/2007 By: Tom Serkowski

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