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May 29 - Day Cancelled

We again assembled, staged, and gridded on the runway.  The wind was quite strong out of the south, and after staging on the runway, my airspeed indicator was often indicating better than 20 knots.  A couple sniffers were sent up, but they weren't able to find anything strong enough to keep them up and upwind.  First, the sports regionals was scrubbed, primarily due to the strong winds being too much for some of the lighter sailplanes.  Soon after, the FAI classes were cancelled as well.

For the next hour, the sky improved dramatically, but the wind stayed very strong.  Then, we started getting overdevelopment around us.  And finally, the sky turned pretty flat and stable.  At 6:30 some of us took a pontoon boat cruise on one of the local lakes.  The first 10 minutes we got rained and hailed on.  Then the sky cleared and the rest of the cruise was fun and relaxing.

The lake is big, but shallow, with an average depth of only 3-4'.  At one point, we spotted a deer swimming, or perhaps wading, across about a mile wide area.  Then we spotted two more doing the same.   The tour operator has been doing this for many years, and had never seen deer on the lake before!

The next couple days are also looking a bit grim on the soaring scale, but by Friday, we should be in a more favorable pattern.

 I'll try to get some photos posted to the contest photo album tomorrow.

Posted: 5/29/2007 By: Tom Serkowski

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