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Flight Advisory March 2-11th- GPS testing may degrade GPS for most of Western US

The FAA has issued a Flight Advisory for March 2-11, 2011 indicating that GPS testing may degrade GPS performance at a radius of up to 498 nmi. of Beatty, NV depending on altitude.  See the link below, which includes a map.


GPS testing is scheduled as follows, which may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal.

A. Location: Centered at 372941N/1161219W or the BTY VOR 31.8 degree radial at 49.1NM.

B. Dates and times: GPS testing is scheduled from March 2nd through March 11th, 2011 as following:

02 MAR 2015-2215Z
03 MAR 0315-0615Z AND 2015-2215Z
04 MAR 0315-0615Z
05 MAR 0700-1200Z
06 MAR 0700-1200Z
08 MAR 0600-0700Z
09 MAR 0600-0700Z
10 MAR 0600-0800Z
11 MAR 0600-0800Z

NOTE: Pilots are advised to check NOTAMs frequently for possible changes prior to operating in the area. Times listed are GMT.

C. Duration: Tests will be conducted continuously during the above times.

D. During testing, the GPS signal may be unreliable or unavailable within a 498NMR centered at 372941N/1161219W or the BTY VOR 31.8 degree radial at 49.1 NM at FL400, decreasing in area with decrease in altitude to 451NMR at FL250; 371NMR at 10,000 FT MSL and 344NMR at 4,000 FT AGL.

E. Pilots are strongly encouraged to report anomalies during testing to the appropriate ARTCC to assist in the determination of the extent of GPS degradation during tests.

The NOTAMs discussed in this advisory may change with little or no notice. Pilots are advised to check NOTAMs frequently for possible changes prior to operations in the area. NOTAMs will be published at least 24 hours in advance of any GPS tests.

Posted: 2/28/2011

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