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Soaring Society of America Foundation

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Since its inception in 1932 the Soaring Society of America has been the beneficiary of a number of large contributions designated either for the general use of the Society or for a more dedicated purpose. These contributions have come in the form of current gifts and testamentary bequests. As a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization these gifts are tax deductible to the donor according to the current rules of the IRS.

The SSA, through the SSA Foundation, manages and invests long-term trust and endowment funds that have been established for various purposes in support of soaring activities. Special gifts from members, which form the backbone of the Foundation, are very important to the SSA and its ability to operate in the future. The goals of the Foundation are to ensure that such gifts are well managed and put to good use, and, of course, to encourage more giving.

Endowment gifts can be made unrestricted as to use, leaving the judgment of what purpose they can best support in the hands of the organization's governing board, or they can be restricted to specific uses, such as the support of youth programs, or the improvement of member services. It's important that donors not be too narrow in their restrictions, since the environment evolves over the decades. While it's important that endowments help deal with today's goals, they must be kept sufficiently flexible to deal with the unforeseen needs of succeeding generations.

The SSA Foundation will assist members with the language to structure their gifts to conform to the purposes the member wishes to support. Please contact the SSA Foundation at PO Box 2100, Hobbs, NM, 88241-2100 or phone 575-392-1177.

Posted: 3/2/2007