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The Perlan Journey Continued

The Perlan journey continues in Argentina. The advance party arrived in Buenos Aires in August. Airbus and Perlan hosted a two-part media event on August 22. In the morning 25-30 journalists attended a press briefing at Hotel Brick. After a scrumptious lunch, 50+ Argentine Friends of Perlan gathered for a reception.

For more detail see Jackie Payne's blogs on the Perlan website: www.perlanproject.org/blogs

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The Perlan Project

Glider aims to break world record — and boost climate science

The Perlan, aiming to break the gliding altitude record of 15,445 meters, will surf stratospheric waves and contduct atmospheric research. 

Read the entire article by clicking this link http://www.nature.com/news/glider-aims-to-break-world-record-and-boost-climate-science-1.20386.

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14 - Year Old Birthday Solos

Still Awkward - Yes,  but Good Progress

As a result of the Student Pilot Application Requirement rule, which became effective April 1, 2016, student pilot applicants with intentions of soloing on their eligibility birthday were unable to do so because of the new TSA vetting requirements. Based on strong input from SSA (and the AOPA), the FAA recognized the unintended impact the new rule presented, and has published a notice that defines the procedures to allow student pilots to solo on their 14th birthday when seeking a glider rating.

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World Gliding Championships - Pociunai, Lithuania

Stay tuned to the US Soaring Teams web site: www.ussoaringteams.org for the latest news and photos at the World Gliding Championships in Pociunai, Lithuania with competition starting on July 31. We also have up to the minute US Teams Facebook posts via our FaceBook Feed at the bottom of the Home Page.

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Soaring In The News


In the August 2014 issue, about the sailplane tracking system, which is very enlightening. Here is a small snippet of the article for those new to the tracking system, to help get you started. Your friends and family will be albe to follow you anytime you're in the cockpit. 

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