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2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/24 Practice Day 2 Report

Today we wrapped up the final practice day for Region 10.

 WX has been improving every day since some rains last week and today presented some early weaker condition we can expect as the real – scores start tomorrow.

The grid was sparse today with about 12 or so launching – not because it was suckage, but mostly cause of resting up for Day 1 tomorrow

Awesome burgers on the grill y JJ and Erin De Paep! Thank you!

Another cool evening as a sea breeze came through late and moderated the temps.

The pool again was a very popular gathering spot after landing, with the keg flowing fully. If you don’t have either in your club- suggestion- get both!

Scorer & Report Writer


Posted: 6/24/2018

2018 Sports Class Nationals - Saturday was windy, blue, clouds, fun, scary, low, high all in one flight

Wow - what a day...
The tasking committee got excited that there were predicted to be clouds and good lift to the northeast of Nephi.  We tasked out that way for the first time to take us up to the base of the High Uintah mountains.  Winds were predicted to be very strong from the west/northwest for the task in the 25-35 knot range, but with such strong thermals, we thought we could do it.
Well, we did it.  We did not account for the lake effect down wind of Utah Lake and Strawberry Reservoir, so we ended up having a 30 mile wide blue hole over unlandable terrain to fly over/through.  At the pilot's meeting we spent some time warning the pilots about this area and showing the few landable areas so the pilots were not without hope if they couldn't find lift on the north side of the blue.  It was a little scary, but everyone stayed high and did fine.
The rest of the task was spent figuring out how to fly as fast as possible in a lot more blue and wind than we thought and tip toeing in areas where the lift was blown apart or just difficult to find.  We didn't have any problems with landouts other than a few pilots who came back to Nephi to land while on course.
We are taking a rest day on Sunday but expect 4 strong fast days for the last part of the contest.  We are having a lot of fun!
Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/23/2018

2018 Nephi Region 9 Sports Class - Region 9 Day 5

Nephi is EPIC!

Day 5 was our biggest task yet taking the group out to the northeast for the first time. The first leg was full of cu’s and organized cloud streets with lift up through 18k (we are not allowed to go higher than 17.5k). But nothing is for free in this world and we all were fighting 30kts plus headwinds for a few legs making the task very challenging. 
It’s official . . . Aland Adams is a STUD! He won the day again with a crazy fast speed and went deep into a few sectors. I also had my best day with a second place finish which I was shocked to learn because I thought the pack was so far ahead of me (I couldn’t see anyone on FLARM). I even started taking videos in flight because I thought I was so far out of the running.
We had only one pilot land out and it was at an airport which gave him an airport landing bonus. Lots of folks got in different types of air and had varying days but to the person, everyone finished up with big smiles on their faces!

from left to right, Gary Ittner ‘P7’, Danny Sorenson ‘DS’ and Hal Woodruff ‘HW’ enjoying a steak dinner and home made beer at the end of the day.
David Lessnick - 51P

Posted: 6/23/2018

2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/23 Practice Day 1 Report

We had about 18 gridded up for the first practice day and while the clouds looked good, it was very weak and low until about 3pm when things really started to turn on. Most pilots just flew around the area getting familiar with the country.

The pool was a very popular gathering spot after landing, with the keg flowing fully.

Several ventured out to the Waller County Demolition Derby and BBQ cook-off, while others fired up the club grill and enjoyed the cooler evening.

Scorer & Report Writer


Posted: 6/23/2018

2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/22 Pre-Practice Evening Report

Well it was a tough day with only KM, as a Guest (he is the CD so cannot compete – damn cause he is so good!) completing the task.

FR, or should that be “I” started and ended up landing out. But as the only Sports Class pilot he gets the “Major Award”. A big thanks to Carols Arieu for going to get him out of a nice field.

Today we had multiple contestants arrive:

- David Coucke - yeah dude - flying a classic ASW-20

- Louis McIntire - in an original, very competive V2a

- Fred Retting - in a nice D2-18T

- Maybe others? but it is late and marking the grid was hot, humid, and tasking!

So stay tuned for tomorrow's reports.



Posted: 6/22/2018

2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/22 Pre-Practice Morning Report

6/22 Pre-Practice Morning Report

More pilots arrived yesterday and this morning with Lee Kuhlke pulling in from Colorado, Al Tyler and Scott Fletcher arriving from South Carolina , and Dennis Linnekin driving in from Georgia.

WX summary:

3500-4500 ft top of lift, probably cu better S initially then expanding N. SW-NE lift lines, moderate winds

SW 10-15.

 Task is loaded on the Tracker.

 Stayed tuned for an end of day report…

Scorer & Report Writer


Posted: 6/22/2018

2018 Nephi Region 9 Sports Class - Region 9 Day 4 Report

Day 3 and 4 are now in the books. Day 3 was a BOOMER with a sky full of heat and big beautiful cues rising well into the 20’s. Many contestants received penalty points for breaking the 17,500ft ceiling. Several pilots said it was the strongest conditions they had EVER soared in. It’s not every day you see 1,800ft per minute up on your vario! Of course the laws of physics still apply and what goes up must come down and there were large areas of falling (as opposed to sinking)  air between the clouds.

Day 4 saw temperatures 10 degrees cooler and the forecast was showing top of lift between 10k and 12k with zero clouds. Thermal velocity/strength was looking like between 2 to 4 kts depending on what model you looked at. The task for the day was called for 3 hours with only two turn points. Several pilots chose to avoid landing out and only made it to the first turn point to the south before turning back North and landing back at Nephi. 2 pilots ended up landing out but made it safely to airports for an easy retrieve. Nick Kennedy ’T’ ended up winning the day with a non-adjusted speed of 57.56mph and 185 statute miles. Pattrick McLaughlin in ‘HH1’ and Dave Cleveland in ‘LL’ ended up rounding out the top 3 finishers.
Everyone enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner back at the contest hangar and once again, 12x National Champion, Gary Ittner had his mobile beer van locked and loaded serving his incredible home made brews, Miss Turn Point and Flight Lager. Gary’s mobile tap house has proved to be a very popular spot for pilots to congregate around after a long day of racing. 
David Lessnick - 51P

Posted: 6/22/2018

2018 Sports Class Nationals - Day 4 - Blue, low, beautiful mountains, sharp colorful rocks

Today proved that Nephi is a pure mountain site when the lift doesn't go up very high and its blue.  We had moderate winds from the northwest so we knew we would be able to use the western faces of the mountains to get around course.
I think the tasking committee nailed it again for both contests and while not easy, it was possible to get around the course with only 1 actual landout and 1 engine start. We were able to see right up close the mountains just east of Fillmore Utah and all the way down to Delano Peak by Beaver.  It was very different playing just off the ridge lines, but the faster speeds today used the terrain to get around effectively.
It seemed like a really fast day to me, but the top raw speed was only 73mph and most everyone else were in the mid 60's.  If I didn't look at my flight computer, I would have guessed average speed was in the upper 80's.  Maybe that's because we were flying in the 9k'-12k' band for most of the day and didn't get the altitude speed bump of flying in the 15k'-17k' ranges.  Oh well - Saturday looks like it will deliver those kinds of altitudes and speeds.
I love contests for 2 reasons - the people who come to fly, and the flying itself.  There is no better learning and improving your own flying skills than to be up in the air with multiple past national champions and see how they tackle a course, or even a thermal.  Racing isn't about winning - Its easy for us losers to say this, haha, but it is about flying with friends and enjoying each unique contest site.  Fun stuff!
Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/22/2018

2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/21 Late Afternoon Report

Well no flying today as most wanted to get assembled and rest up for the great soaring in store starting tomorrow. Pilots meeting tomorrow at 10:00a am. Check back tomorrow around 11:00 am for the morning  report and task.

Scorer & Report Writer


Posted: 6/21/2018

2018 Sports Class Nationals - Note From Scorer

Pending resolution of a couple issues that can affect handicaps, scores for all days have reverted to "Preliminary."  Once handicaps are finalized, scores will become "Unofficial."


Posted: 6/21/2018


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