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15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - 215 report

still on A tasks.  15M opened at 13:45, Opens at 14:15


Posted: 8/19/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Contest Day 6 AM report

Final Day 15M/Open Class Nats:  Mark Keene on todays weather.   Cirrus to NW, sliding to SW.  It could become in play later.  Southern area for tasks.  Thermals 3000/4000 feet at 1pm, but gets better as the afternoon progresses, again in the SW.   Sky Site shows 4/5 knots about 12:30 and gets better in the southern part.  Pessimistic up in the NW. NAM is pessimistic about stuff coming from the NW later in the day.   Winds at Laredo 9mph up to 18mph.   Seabreeze doesn’t look to be a factor.
CD John Lubon:  Expecting things to get going sooner with more clouds….1st turn to south to get into good area.  If we have to deal with cirrus that might or might not come in later, perhaps may influence decision to head out early.  Don’t dilly dally.  3 hr. Area tasks both classes.

Posted: 8/19/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - mid afternoon report

Task changes! 15M is now on task B, 3 hr. MAT.  Their gate opened at 14:51

Opens on a 3.5 hr. MAT using the turnpoints on their Task B.  Theier gate opened at 14:10


Posted: 8/18/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Contest Day 5 AM report

Mark Keene: If you liked yesterday ,you’re going to love today.  Winds less than 10 knot, but around this area will be slow, slight inversion.  Once on course, on task, better conditions.  No sea breeze, 101 degrees and blue.
John Lubon. 100 degree band in the south.  Tasking will head to the south.  3:30 TAT for task A, both classes , Task B for Opens Racing task and B for 15M is a MAT.  No clouds.  Drought map is same as yesterday.  

Posted: 8/18/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Day 4 early afternoon

Both tasks changed to 3:30 :  See the tracker site for specifics.  15M gate opened: 13.35

Opens opened 14:05


Posted: 8/17/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Contest Day 4 Morning Report

15M/Open Class Nats, Day 4:  Yesterday from Mark Keene:  Shortened 15M thinking that they were launching later and conditions slow to start.  
John Lubon,CD is back.  Wx. similar to yesterday.  Same air mass.  Over 100 degrees Eagle Pass and Plesanton. SW area, dryest and hotest.  XC skies says weak to start, but stronger in task area.  Not good enough in hill country.  Less clouds, maybe blue.  TAT tasks both classes with small cylinders.  One turn late in day up to Concan.  Finish line again.

Posted: 8/17/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Day 3 early afternoon

Open Class Gate opened at 13:31.

15M Gate, 14:10 with a task change, still a racing task but distance now 279mi. can be view on the tracker page

Leigh Z.

Posted: 8/16/2018

15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Contest Day 3 Am report

15M/Open Class Nats., Uvalde, Tx. Interim CD, Mark Keene. Yesterday’s thought that it would be a little bit better than it was and watching the tracker, especially 15M it looks like you were following streets.  I know it wasn’t as good as Uvalde can be.  
!5M winner Sean Fidler and Opens, Dick Butler, both found soft spots and good stuff on their tasks yesterday.  Dick hooked up with the Holighaus Strasse from Laredo to Eagle Pass.  
Today’s wx. Looking at the result of the 5 day rainfall, the soft conditions found yesterday were soft…drying up, but still somewhat wet.   Today looks a little weak at 1pm, but a little tough getting up early.  As the day goes on, it gradually gets better and better from the SE.  Looking at 7000 ft and maybe higher.  Not good enough to send to Hill country yet.  So SE part of the task area is going to be best.  Sky Sight shows similar and we’ll play in that area all day long. Racing tasks:  15 M  301miles, Opens 316 miles. 
Don’t see sea breeze today and a finish line will be in effect again.
I'm sitting in our RV at 11:30 with overcast strato cu.  typical Uvalde wx.  Grid time is noon, expect launches may be a little later than the usual 12:30.  Opens to launch first.

https://www.facebook.com/SoaringSocietyofAmerica/ for pix, etc.

Leigh Zimmerman

Posted: 8/16/2018

2018 Club Class Nationals - Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018:

Club Class Contest Day#6:

The weather report called for increasing clouds and possible OD with cloudbases around 4,500 ft MSL. The thought was that the weather would die around 4 pm and there could be a stray shower. HH1 was launched as the sniffer and reported weak climbs. After about a half an hour, conditions improved and the Club Class fleet was launched. There was half the group that had a hard time getting over release altitude so the opening  of the gate was delayed. Soon most were up at cloudbase and ready to start. The task was changed to task B, a 2 hour TAT  with turns of 26 Prattsburg (10 mile radius), 35 Hornell (12 mile radius), 58 Nuda (4 mile radius), 57 Seven Gullies (5 mile radius), and return. Minimum task length was 42 miles and maximum of 132.79 miles. A huge prestart gaggle developed a couple miles from the edge of the start cylinder.  When the task opened we were able to circle thru the top of the cylinder to around 5,300 ft MSL and head for the 1st turnpoint.  As we approached the cylinder of the Prattsbugh turnpoint, the cloudbases decreased to around 4,000 ft MSL and flew a lot of the flight in this area between 1,500 to 2,000 ft AGL. As we headed to Hornell the group started to break apart with various cloud changes and choices. Most flew to somewhere near the middle of the cylinder at Hornell but some were able to maximize the backside of the turn. As we approached the Hornell Valley on the way to Nuda, the type of clouds changed and the cycle rate was very high. We inched along and stayed high to glide into Seven Gullies and home.  We had no landouts accept for a couple of guys that landed back at Dansville.  Rysard Krolikowkski wins the day flying his SZD 55, 43.17 mph over 88.02 miles. The handicap speed was 40.79 mph over 85.05 handicap miles. Second was Hank Nixon, flying his ASW-28, 40.55 mph over 80.04 miles.


The Club Class Champion was Hank Nixon. Second place went to Rysard Krolikowkski and third was Phil Chidekel. Hank also won a new award for the fastest speed of the contest.


Special thanks to Ann Lafford, our Contest Manager. Also, thanks to all the other volunteers at the Finger Lakes Soaring Club that helped with the line, retrieves, meals, etc. The event could not be possible without all this help.




Tim Hanke




Posted: 8/12/2018

2018 Club Class Nationals - Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018:


We woke up to heavy rain that surprised everyone. The stalled front backed up and made us think we wouldn’t even fly. At the morning pilots meeting hope was provided as the sky began to clear. A grid time of 12:30 pm was provided with a note that the task was forthcoming. A task was set to keep us north and west of the airfield. ND was launched to the east as the sniffer at 1pm and was able to hang in there. FZ was launched to the west and had to relight. The fleet was launched and it became apparent that there would be a blue hole if we continued to go to the first turnpoint of Hana’s Acres Airport.  The CD changed the first turnpoint to Avoca and we were off. The task was now a 2 hour TAT with the turnpoints of 22 Avoca (6 mile radius), 64 Centerville (15 mile radius), 57 Seven Gullies (6 mile radius), 50 Swain Ski Area (6 mile radius) and return.  The Task had a minimum distance of 50.71 miles and a maximum  distance of 173.13 miles. We had a good run under nice clouds at around 4,500 ft MSL to the Prattsburg area. Things still went well as we crossed the Hornell Valley. Things changed as we started to get into Centerville. The clouds were small wisps that cycled quickly. There were several markers out there with Sports Class and Club Class being on the same tasks. As we bumped out to the clouds over Rt 390 near Seven Gullies, we were able to glide back and hit the Swain Ski area turn and final glide at the same time. In Club Class, Hank Nixon wins the day fly his ASW 28, 46.96 mph over 95.20 miles. The handicap speed was 41.68 mph over 83.58 handicap miles. Tim Hanke (I) was second flying a Discus 2a, 41.68 mph over 83.58 handicap miles.


Overall, Hank Nixon remains in the lead with Ryszard Krolikowski in second place.


For the Region 3 Sports Contest, this was the final day of the contest and day number 3. John Seymour wins the day flying has ASG 29, 49.84 mph over 101.11 miles. The handicap speed was 43.93 mph over 89.12 handicap miles. Second was Peter Scarpelli with his ASG 29 at 42.60 mph over 89.12 handicap miles.


The Region 3 Sports Class Champion is Peter Scarpelli, with Sean Murphy second, and John Seymour  in third.




Tim Hanke




Posted: 8/11/2018


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