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Name Glider ID Reg Locator URL ELT
David Greenhill Discus 2a 16 Not Valid
Thomas Anklam Discus 2a Click Here
Angus Mac Lir Discus 2a Click Here
Paul Eastman Discus 2a Member Only
Robert Dismukes ASW-27 PS Click Here
Misti Roland ASW-27 Member Only
Mark Keene ASG-29-18 2XX Click Here 121.5
Charles Collman Ventus cm-17.6 C2 Not Listed 121.5
Marian Nowak Ventus cm-17.6 N1 Click Here 406
Ken Focht Ventus cm-17.6 Not Listed
Elizabeth Tattersall Ventus cm-17.6 Click Here
Stephen Wade Discus cs Z8 Not Listed 121.5
Daniel Dyck Discus cs Click Here
Sergei Morozov ASG-29-18 MS Click Here
Susan Simmons Arcus M P Not Listed
Stewart Tattersall Arcus M Click Here 121.5
Boyd  Willat Discus a IQ Click Here
Gary Rubus ASG-29 FG Member Only
Krzysztof Wiercioch SZD-48-2 Jantar Std 2 MF Click Here
Chuck Pinney G-103 Twin Acro Click Here
Russell Holtz G-103 Twin Acro Click Here
Niv Levy G-103 Twin Acro Click Here
Phillip Gaisford Discus 2 PG Click Here 121.5
Matthew Seymour Ka-6E 6M Click Here
Craig Bendorf 101 Pegase A WV Not Listed
Dave Springford ASG-29 F1 Click Here
Garret Willat ASG-29 Click Here 121.5
Don Profota DG-808B-18 4Z Click Here
Mark Akerley ASW-27 AY Click Here
Larry Roberts ASW-27 YE Click Here

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