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Name Glider ID Reg Locator URL ELT
Michael Reid Discus a 2Y Click Here
David Greenhill Discus 2a 16 Not Valid
Thomas Anklam Discus 2a Click Here
Paul Eastman Discus 2a Member Only
Robert Dismukes ASW-27 PS Click Here
Misti Roland ASW-27 Member Only
Mark Keene ASG-29-18 2XX Click Here 121.5
Charles Collman Ventus cm-17.6 C2 Not Listed 121.5
Marian Nowak Ventus cm-17.6 N1 Click Here 406
Ken Focht Ventus cm-17.6 Not Listed
Elizabeth Tattersall Ventus cm-17.6 Click Here
Stephen Wade Discus cs Z8 Not Listed 121.5
Daniel Dyck Discus cs Click Here
Sergei Morozov ASG-29-18 MS Click Here
Susan Simmons Arcus M P Not Listed
Erik Dahlgren SGS 1-26C 233 Member Only
Stewart Tattersall SGS 1-26C Click Here 121.5
Boyd  Willat Discus a IQ Click Here
Gary Rubus ASG-29 FG Member Only
Chuck Pinney G-103 Twin Acro Click Here
Russell Holtz G-103 Twin Acro Click Here
Niv Levy G-103 Twin Acro Click Here
Phillip Gaisford Discus 2 PG Click Here 121.5
Matthew Seymour Ka-6E 6M Click Here
Craig Bendorf 101 Pegase A WV Not Listed
Dave Springford ASG-29 F1 Click Here
Garret Willat ASG-29 Click Here 121.5
Don Profota DG-808B-18 4Z Click Here
Mark Akerley ASW-27 AY Click Here
Stephen Michalik ASW-27 S9 Click Here

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