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Name Glider ID Reg Locator URL ELT
Brett Mayes 0 Not Listed
Paul Esser 0 Not Listed
Joseph Todaro 0 Not Listed
James Burch ASW-20 N3EB Not Listed
Greg Schibler Pegasus 101AP 94KG Not Listed
Eric Carden LS-3-15 N1000A Click Here
William Shoemaker LS-6 46LS Click Here
Jason Markel Ventus 2b N67AE Not Listed 121.5
Ruthann Povinelli 401 Kestrel N9919 Click Here
Ruthann Povinelli DG-1000-20 N363DG Click Here
Mike Abernathy S-10VT N315CM Member Only
Roland Martin AMT-200 Super Ximango N97SM Not Listed
Eric Westphal Ventus b-16.6 700TM Not Listed
Paul Eastman Ventus b-16.6 Member Only
Quay Snyder ASW-24B N62BD Click Here
Peter Jarvis PIK-20D 218CM Not Listed
Jose Falla PW-5 Smyk N4414W Click Here
Frank Banas LS-4A N84HR Not Listed
Elizabeth Tattersall LS-4A Click Here
Gyorgy Gulyas SZD-48-3 Jantar Std 3 483SZ Not Listed
David Slinger SGS 2-32 N232AK Click Here
Christopher Young Duckhawk SV 512YH Click Here
William McConnell ASW-19 N97GS Click Here
Scott Walker ASW-19 Click Here
Ron Snedecor ASW-19 824PS Not Listed
Ken Schreck ASW-19 N90BM Click Here
Peter Brown SGS 1-23E N3864A Click Here
Robert Stone DG-400-17 141BM Click Here
Michael Ash ASW-20C-15 N16AL Click Here
Jeff Banks Silent 2 Electro N94SE Not Listed

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