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2018 Fall SSA Board of Directors' Meeting

  Houston, Texas
  September 8, 2018
1.0 Call to Order at 9:00 am
Welcome and Opening Remarks
  1.1 Welcome and remarks from SSA Chairman Ken Sorenson
  1.2 Introduction of guests
  1.3 Request for confirmation of accuracy of email addresses and other contact information for the current list of Officers and Directors (as shown on the roster HERE)
  1.4 SSA Committee Chairs (list attached here)
2.0 Consent Agenda -- Action Item
[The Consent Agenda is to be considered as a “block” of items submitted to the board for approval or disapproval as a group. A simple majority is required to pass Consent Agenda. Prior to the vote any Director may request that a specific item be removed from the Consent Agenda, in which case that item will be considered separately during the Board meeting. The purpose of the Consent Agenda is to deal with as many non-contentious items as possible in an expeditious manner, thus allowing more time for discussion and decision making on policy issues that require more deliberation.]
  2.1 Approval of Past Minutes
(September 9, 2017 Board of Directors' Meeting)
  2.2 Approval of Jay McDaniel for 3 year term on Hall of Fame Vetting Board (Hall of Fame vetting board attached)
3.0 Chairman's Report
4.0 Chief Operating Officer's Report
5.0 Treasurer's Report
6.0  Committee Reports
  6.1 Chairman Ken Sorenson (SSF, Administration) 
   6.1.2 SSA Foundation (reports below)
   6.1.3 Editorial Advisory Committee
   6.1.4 SSF
   6.1.5 Administrative
   6.1.6  Cross-Country Development
   6.1.7 FAI-IGC representative report
  6.2 Vice-Chair and Treasurer Richard Maleady (Financial, Awards)
   6.2.1 Budget and Finance Committee (incorporated into 5.0 above) 
   6.2.2 Nominating Committee
   6.2.3 Awards Committee
   6.2.4 Group Insurance
   6.2.5 Badge & Record Committee
  6.3 Vice Chairman, Ann Lafford
   6.3.1 Contests
6.3.1a Contest Committee report
6.3.1b Rules Committee report - located in consent agenda
6.3.1c Site Selection
6.3.1d Handicapping
   6.3.2 Trophy Committee
   6.3.3 U.S. Team Committee
   6.3.4 Sailplane Tracking
  6.4 First Vice Chair, Geoff Weck (Government Liaison and G&P)
   6.4.1 Director and Special Advisor Stephen Northcraft (Governmental Regulation, Airspace and International Soaring Groups)
   6.4.2 Government Liaison Committee
   6.4.3 Representation Committee & Representatives
   6.4.4 Growth & Development
  6.5 Vice Chair & Secretary Frank Whiteley (Clubs, Governors and Youth)
   6.5.1 Clubs and Chapters
   6.5.2 State Governors and Record Keepers
   6.5.3 Digital Media Committee
   6.5.4 Youth Committee
   6.5.5 COBM
   6.5.6 Affiliates & Divisions
7.0   Regional Directors' Reports
  7.1 Region 1 and 3
  7.2 Region 2 and 4
  7.3 Region 5
  7.4 Region 6
  7.5 Region 7
  7.6 Region 8 
  7.7 Region 9
  7.8 Region 10
  7.9 Region 11
  7.10 Region 12
8.0 Soaring Society of America Foundation
  8.1 Report on Planned Giving Initiative
  8.2 SSAF Treasurer's Report; Attachment A to Treasurer's Report
9.0 Other Competent Business
  9.2 Date and time of next Board of Directors' Meeting -

Posted: 8/21/2018