SSA Exceptional Service Award




2016 WSPA At a time when soaring in general and the SSA in this country are losing members at an alarming rate, WSPA is thriving and its membership is on the rise. The organization has about 250 members in about 10 countries. In 2001 WSPA began reaching out over the borders. In the past 7 years three seminars were held outside the US: 2009 in Slovenia, 2014 in Canada, and 2016 in Italy. At the 2016 seminar, 39 participants (with the largest group coming from the US) from 9 countries attended. The participants came from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and the USA. WSPA began with only women members but by adding several membership categories has now evolved into an organization of which 25% of its members are men ( “Associated Members” not eligible to vote). WSPA, a Division of the SSA, is continuing its mission to promote and support women in soaring and doing so by reaching out to women world wide.
2015 Mr John D. Godfrey John exemplifies the type of service to the SSA that keeps our organization alive. John is currently Chairman of the SSA Foundation as well as chairman of the Contest Rules Committee. He has served SSA contest pilots many times as Competition Director and as Scorer and has developed a system for remotely scoring contests. He served as a Scorer at the 2012 World Gliding championships in Uvalde, Texas and at the 2015 Pan American Gliding championships. He has also served as the U.S. Team Captain at international competitions. Thank you, John for all you have done and continue to do for the SSA.
2015 Mr Stephen A Northcraft Steve received this award for his work in drafting the SSA’s response to the FAA Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding the proposed abrogation of the glider transponder exemption. Steve’s unique expertise, historical knowledge and writing ability as the primary drifter of SSA’s response was of the utmost value to SSA and to the gliding community in the United States and resulted in a powerful argument against any changes to the existing rules.
2015 Mr Pendleton Smith Penn was given this award for his years of leadership and guidance of the SSA Foundation. Penn’s stewardship of the SSA Foundation has resulted in a professionally managed, low overhead, consolidated investment portfolio worth over $3 million dollars today that is governed consistently with the best practices of foundation management. In addition, his unselfish assistance in guiding and assisting local soaring organizations in achieving 501(c)3 public charity status has advanced the interests of the soaring community.
2015 Mr Phillip Umphres Phil received this award for all of his work in helping to draft a response to the FAA Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding the proposed abrogation of the glider transponder exemption. This is a serious issue concerning the glider community and Phil’s help in drafting the response on behalf of SSA was of the utmost importance. His expertise as a long time SSA Director as well as his law background, was a valuable asset to the committee working on this matter.
2013 Mr. David R. Larson Mr. David Larson, the Chief Tow Pilot for the World Championships last year, is hereby awarded the SSA Exceptional Service Award for his work that organized and ran an excellent towing operation for the 2012 World Championships in Uvalde.
2013 Mr Pedja Bogdanovich Pedja has freely given to the SSA the use of a game-changing application, the SSA's online Sailplane Tracker. Through his application, spouses, friends and crew can now track and enjoy flights online as they unfold.
2013 Mr Allison H. Tyler Jr. Al was commended for his service on numerous committees as an SSA Director, and as Chairman of the SSA. He has been an absolute gentleman, competitor and leader of the SSA. He has provided years of service and has advocated a healthy vision for the direction of the Society, which will serve the organization well for years to come.
2013 Mr Douglas J. Easton In addition to all the volunteer work he has done in the past several years, 2013 was again a year in which Doug went above and beyond for the benefit of the SSA. Taking the initiative, he completely overhauled the SSA website. The new website is fresher, more accessible and packed with more features that ever before. As if overhauling the entire website was not enough, he worked to provide data feed to enable our new sailplane tracker to fully integrate with the SSA web.
2012 Ms. Karin A Schlosser Karin Schlosser has been awarded the SSA Exceptional Service Award for her years of service on the Soaring magazine task force, and her efforts to document the stories of soaring including compiling and editing the stories of Charlie Spratt, Kai Gertsen, and Wally Scott. Karin also served as a National Soaring Museum Trustee for several years.
2011 Mr Douglas L. Jacobs For his dedicated service to the sport of soaring and his leadership in the US competition organization.
2010 Mr Stephen A Northcraft For his tireless and patient efforts in obtaining a favorable interpretation from the FAA of rules governing operations by gliders off grass strips parallel of paved runways.
2010 Mr. James B Short For outstanding service to the soaring community as the Chariman of the Aircraft Certification Committee and work on membership issues with aircraft certification.
2010 Ms. Cindy Brickner For her untiring work as the Airspace Chair, service above and beyond the call of duty while serving as interim "Badge Lady" during the year 2010, all while continuing an exemplary job as director of Region 12.
2010 Mr Richard A Carlson For exemplary service to the soaring community while serving on the Soaring Safety Foundation board of trustees and conducting numerous FAA approved, glider-specific Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics across the country.
2010 Mr Francis L. Whiteley For his tireless work since 2007 as Chairman of the SSA State Governors and Recordkeepers Committee. During Frank's tenure the Committee was revitalized and strengthened to an exceptional level of support to the soaring community.
2009 Mr. Kenneth J. Kochanski For maintenance of the Sailplane Racing Association website over ten years.
2009 WSPA
2009 Mr John F Good For service on the SSA Rules Committee.
2009 Mr Henry M Nixon Jr For service on the SSA Rules Committee.
2009 Mr James C Kellett For service as the Region 4 Director for many years. He worked with the FAA and Potomac Consolidated TRACON to establish a glider-specific transponder code for the area surrounding Washington, DC airspace.
2009 Mr. Steve G. Hines For service as the Art Director for Soaring Magazine for several years.
2009 Mr Kenneth G. Sorenson For service on the SSA Rules Committee.
2009 Mr Karl H. Striedieck For service on the SSA Rules Committee.
2007 Mr Kenneth G. Sorenson
2007 Dr. Gary B. Fogel
2007 Mr. Ray Johnson
2007 Mr Douglas L. Jacobs
2006 Mr John Seaborn
2006 John Sharp
2006 Mr. James B Short
2005 Mr Karl H. Striedieck
2005 Mr David R. Volkmann
2004 Mr Peter A Williams In the late-80's, Pete Williams was one of the founding members of the Auxiliary-Powered Sailplane Association (formerly the Self-Launched Sailplane Association), a Division of the SSA. His efforts made a substantial contribution to the development of the organization to reach what it is today. He has been Chairman and President at different times, and is the long-time editor of the association's newsletter APS News. He has been a frequent contributor on motor glider subjects to Soaring magazine, and is the author of Self Launch! Retractable Engine Sailplanes.
2004 Bud Copeland For his tireless efforts in aiding the SSA staff with the day to day operations of the main office.
2004 Ms Frauke Elber For her volunteer service in managing the club news section in Soaring magazine.
2004 Mr. Bill Seed Jr. For developing and making available to the soaring community Sunflower Aerodrome, Hutchison KS, home of the Kansas Soaring Association, and site of numerous national and regional contests.
2004 Mr Stephen A Northcraft For his many years as Vice Chair, 1 st Vice Chair and Executive Committee member of the SSA Board of Directors, and his leadership of the Government Relations Committee.
2004 Ms. Judy Ruprecht For her services in government liaison work.
2004 Mr Douglas L. Jacobs For services as treasurer of the Soaring Society of America.
2003 Mr Stephen A Northcraft
2003 Mr. John Volkober
2003 Mr James M Payne
2003 Ms. Jacqueline Payne
2003 Mr. Billy J. Singleton
2003 Mr Knut Kjenslie
2003 Ms Karol A Hines
2003 Mark Ackerley
2003 Mike Gallagher
2003 Ingrid Kjenslie
2003 John Sharp
2003 Steve Wasilowski
2003 Nancy Martin Graham
2003 Mr Gary Buxton
2003 Mr. John Murray
2003 Mr William C. Sproull
2003 Mr. Tim Welles
2003 Mr Douglas J Donohue
2002 Mr. Daniel J. Armstrong
2002 Ms Janice Armstrong
2002 Mr. Guy Ford Byars
2002 Mr Robert M Nady
2002 Mr James M. Norris
2002 Mr Charles L Meason
2001 Mr Larry P. Sanderson
2001 Mr Aland B. Adams
2001 John Sharp
2001 Mr. James B Short
2000 Ms Janice Armstrong
2000 Mr Delbert N Blomquist
1999 Mr Burt Compton
1999 Mr George B. Moffat Jr
1999 Mr. Robert L. Dittert
1999 Ms. Joann Dittert
1998 Mr. Mike Culver
1998 Mr George J Thelen
1998 Mr Edward F Byars
1998 Mr. Daniel R. Gudgel
1998 The Civil Air Patrol
1997 US Air Force
1997 US Air Force Academy
1997 John Campbell
1997 Mr Mark Huffstutler
1997 Mr. Robert L Semans
1997 Ms. Kerry Huffstutler
1996 Mr. Guenther Eichhorn
1996 Mr Charles Minner
1995 Mr Carl E Burson Jr
1995 Mr Rob Sjostedt
1995 Harner Selvidge
1995 Ted Sharp
1995 Richard Schreder
1994 Cedric Vernon
1994 Mr Richard N Hall Jr
1994 Mr. Don Engen
1994 Mr Robert H Wilkinson
1993 Mr. James B Short
1993 Ms Norma Burnette
1993 Mr. Alex A. Burnette
1993 Mid Kolstad
1993 Mr C Kenneth Kolstad
1993 Ms. Jacqueline Payne
1993 Mr James M Payne
1992 Mr Don Maddox
1992 Johann Kuhn
1992 Mr. Francis B Compton
1991 Dan Sommers
1991 Mr Bernald S Smith
1991 Mr Jan Scott
1991 Mr Mark D Maughmer
1990 Mr. E. Gene Hammond
1990 Ms Edre J Maier
1990 Dr. Stephen J Maier PhD
1989 Mr Duane Eisenbeiss
1989 Mr E J Indrebo
1989 Mr. William S Ivans
1989 Mr Edgar Seymour
1989 Ms. Shirley Sliwa
1989 Mr Floyd J Sweet
1988 Prof John Hansman
1988 Mr William C. Sproull
1988 Mr. Les Sebald
1988 Mr Bernald S Smith
1988 Mr Oran W Nicks
1988 Mr Carl D Herold
1988 Mr. E. Gene Hammond
1988 Ms Arleen W Coleson
1988 Ms. Judy Ruprecht
1988 Mr. Hal M Lattimore
1988 Mr Paul Dickerson
1988 Theodore Sharp
1987 Dick Brandt
1987 William Prescott
1987 Mr Robert P Grey
1987 Ms. Judy Ruprecht
1987 Mr James M Payne
1987 Mr Sterling V. Starr
1987 Ms Bee Brandt
1986 Mr Richard N Hall Jr
1986 Dr. Stephen J Maier PhD
1986 Jack Gomez
1985 Chris Negro
1985 Mr. Alberto Negro
1985 Mr. Hannes M. Linke
1985 Mr. E. Gene Hammond
1985 Barron Hilton
1984 Mr Leonard R McMaster
1984 Ms Marion I Barritt
1984 David C. Johnson
1984 Harry N. Perl
1983 New Mexico Junior College
1983 J.C. (Red) Wright
1983 Mr. Hal M Lattimore
1982 Mr Richard H Johnson
1982 Mr Bernald S Smith
1981 Mr Emil Kissel
1981 Mr John M Brittingham
1980 Mr Stanley A Hall
1980 Mr Charlie Spratt
1980 Mr. Hal M Lattimore
1980 Mr E.J. Reeves
1980 Miss Bertha M Ryan
1979 Mr Charles V Lindsay
1979 Jean V. Doty
1979 Tom Page
1978 Mr William B Cleary
1978 Mr Charles T. McKinnie Jr.
1976 Mrs. Geraldine L. Rhine
1976 Mr Raymond Shamblen
1976 James Rhine
1976 Lawrence Wood
1975 Mr Bernald S Smith
1975 Mr Douglas Lamont
1974 Mr James S Herman
1974 Mr Carl D Herold
1974 Mr William C. Holbrook
1974 Mr Edward F Byars
1974 Mr. Marion S. Griffith Jr.
1973 Edward H. Butts
1973 Mr. George Uveges
1972 Alice S. Fuchs
1972 Thomas Page
1972 Harner Selvidge
1972 Mr William R Fuchs
1971 J.C. (Red) Wright
1970 Miles Coverdale
1970 Catherine Jones
1970 Theodore E. Sharp
1970 Mr. William S Ivans
1970 Mr Bernald S Smith
1970 Mr Bennett M Rogers
1970 Mr Sterling V. Starr
1967 Miss Bertha M Ryan
1967 Mr Lloyd M Licher
1967 S.A. (Alex) Aldott
1967 H. Marshall Claybourn
1966 Charles F. Abel
1966 Mr Paul A Schweizer
1965 Mr. William S Ivans
1965 Mr. Walter B Hausler
1965 Mr Donald A Mosher