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2004 SSA Growbook

Remember the SSA Growbook?  If it's not on your chapter's bookshelf you can download a copy of the 2004 edition here.

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Live video from WGC2017 Friday and Saturday

As excitement builds in the final few days of a close competition, a new feature to follow the pilots’ progress live is about to be introduced.

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On This Day in History Female-Powered Flight Took Off

Thirty years ago, on 21 January 1987, American triathlete Lois McCallin set three women's world records for human-powered flight – and they still stand today.

Stepping out onto a dried-up lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base in California at 8.30am on Wednesday 21 January 1987, 29-year-old Lois McCallin was about to make history.

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Clubs and Chapters

The Soaring Society of America invites all soaring clubs to become affiliated chapters. A chapter of the SSA is defined as an approved organization with at least seven voting members of the SSA and in which all other members hold some grade of SSA membership. One of the chapter benefits is a listing on the SSA Where To Fly web site. Each SSA chapter is defined as an entity associated with the SSA by means of membership as an organized affiliate.

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Soaring In The News


In the August 2014 issue, about the sailplane tracking system, which is very enlightening. Here is a small snippet of the article for those new to the tracking system, to help get you started. Your friends and family will be albe to follow you anytime you're in the cockpit. 

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